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Since When is Monday Shoulders Day


rant time. I don't do this often, but god damn.

Doing 2-a-days for the next 2 weeks and at night is shoulders.

Now, I know some people group shoulders with chest, but I've never known Monday to be so popular for shoulders.

We have 5 different machines for a shoulder press movement. I had already done smith machine ones and was going to add another overhead press.
Didn't want to use DBs because going heavy is really tough for this movement getting the DB up.

I'll be damned if all 5 weren't in use. I asked one guy to work in but he and a friend were super setting with another machine switching off.

/end rant




Fo Realz! Everybody knows Mondays are National Bench and Bis Day!


Ask someone to help/spot with the DBs.


How heavy of DBs do you press?


last I recall around 70-75 for 6 reps or so, I'm probably up to 80s now.


Put the bells close to your knees and kick them up.


EVERY day is





where have you been?


I just used did higher reps and a lighter weight with the DBs


it no workie for the much weight




wow, what happened there.

I meant to quote the guy saying to kick it up with my knee. I do that, but with 80 lbs it doesn't work too well.


monday is shoulder day for me...


really? and youre 5'8 @203

get your curls up i guess or work on your momentum


monday is always legs for me. Gotta be able to use them again by the weekend.


Why DC is so nice, no need to hang around for 10 minutes per station !




Looks like you've had a run in with trainees of "Mirror Muscle Mondays!"


Make Mondays your "off" day and you'll never wait for another piece of equipment ever again.


I'm just on 80's now at about the same weight as you. I just kick them up, it helps if your seat is fairly high. Also warming up alot helps, when I'm going heavy on that movement I start all the way from 65's.