Since MBE Opened The Floodgates...

Well, today (actually tonight at 9:35) marks the 39th anniversary of my awareness of the world around me. Yup, my birthday has arrived. And how am I going to celebrate? Well, this afternoon I’m going to lay out some traps for a rodent that has decided that my house makes a good domocile.

I mean, I’m sitting on my futon this morning, doing my daily reading, and I see a little movement to my left. It looks like something crawling (quickly) along the wall. Didn’t get a good look, so I stand up to look behind the desk – nothing. Well, about 10 minutes later I see either a large mouse or a rat go from my family room into my kitchen.

I go get the dog to see if she’ll track it, tell my wife (big mistake – she was sleeping and started having nightmares right away), and start my search – again, nothing. The dog wasn’t even interested (bitch!). Well, I’ve done this before (not at this house), so it shouldn’t be a huge deal. Peanut butter works great with standard rat traps.

Okay, with that diatribe out of the way, just wanted to let people know that the sonic-boom sound that came from the west was just the first rays of sunlight coming up on my house this morning, kicking of a day-long celebration of my parents being fired up for a couple minutes.

Well, a big Happy Birthday to you, brider! Hey, does that mean we can do some celebrating next week when you’re in our town? Are you still coming to our town?

Oh, and sorry about your rodent problem.


Peanut butter is the best multipurpose substance around. Rodents (and dogs) love it, it gets gum out of hair/carpet and it tastes good to boot!

Yup, still coming into Portland next Friday. We’re planning on getting in to town fairly early (about 3:00), getting stlled into the hotel, then catching an early dinner before the seminar starts (we’ll need to be at the Rose Garden by 6:00). Don’t know how that fits with your schedule, and we’re not going to be able to really “party it up,” as we’ll need our full mental capacities later.

Happy Birthday Haiku for Brider

Birthday morning bright

rodent there for the taking

kill it then grill it

Happy B-Day, T-buddy.

MBE: “Dishin’ out tha low carb greetings since 1720. JADABB founder, 2002.”


brider, have a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday! When does your first Social Security check arrive? :slight_smile:

Here's your helpful house hint of the day: For rodent "guests", I prefer a blowgun (only because Michelle frowns on shooting real guns in the house-WOMEN, right?). Do not fail to kill the little bugger in one shot though or it'll run for cover, hide itself away, and in about a week begin to smell like something, er, died in there. Trust me on this one.

Happy Birthday, you big mensch you.

Might want to get some curare to help you out with Demo’s suggestion…

How the fuck did this get bumped? And where the hell is Monkeyboy these days?

I dunno. I was baffled looking at it.

Or demo-dick, or char-dawg, or brider. Good old days.