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Sin City *SPOILER*


i gotta say, i loved this movie. but one thing irked me. hardigan killing himself. it just didn't sync up with his character or the theme of the movie. as he killed himself he narrates that an 'old man dies so a young woman can live', but it would have settled so much better if he had left with her to live 'happily ever after' and narrates something like 'they found her once, they'll probably do it again...but i'll be there.' i mean, c'mon, he saved her life twice then decides that he couldn't do it thrice.

just wanted to say that him killing himself was pretty fucking stoopid and a sloppy finish (compared to what it could've been).


Except that's how it ended in the comic book, and Rodriguez wanted to stay as close to the comic book as possible.


That movie was perfect...except for a very needed nude scene from Alba.


Movies that don't have happy endings are my favourite!

I like how a hollywood 'happy ending' wasn't tacked on to such a nicely dark tale.


My thoughts exactly.


Killing himself was the only way to protect her. With him dead, they have no purpose in finding her. He wins.

It very much fits in with the rest of the movie.



Saying "I can protect her again" is foolish and too Hollywoodish...


I thought it was better he killed himself too. Fit the storyline better.

Jessica Alba really needed to make the most of her role by adding nudity. Damn it.

wait ...

HEY! You spoilt the movie for me! What'd you go do that for?


also, by the time he kills himself in the movie his is supposed to be near 70 years old ("you're pushing 60 and have a bum ticker..." and spends 7-8 years in jail). I know, I know, I've seen that movie too many times, but Jessica Alba is far too hot and Mikey Rourke is far too much of a bad ass to not watch it whenever i get the chance.


never fear.. . they are doing his backstory in one or maybe both of the sequels. ..


Truer words have never been written.


Was anyone else as surprised as I was about how good Mickey Rourke was in the movie? I had never taken him all that seriously... and took him even less seriously after that God-awful face pulling plastic surgery that made him look incredibly feminine.

But in this movie? Damn. He was GOOD.


The end was predetermined, its based on a comic book.


He was good in Man on Fire, also.


Although it would have been so much better with a nude alba, I could watch the scene with her getting whipped all day long. Does anyone else have these kind of deep-seated and disturbing emotional issues?


I do but I don't find them disturbing at all.


Who would have throught the mom from SpyKids & teenybopper in Son In Law had the best body in the movie! She was amazing! I was quite happy seeing her nude!


if the ending is predetermined by the comic book then i think the comic book has a gay ending. but ive never read the comic book and it seems to me that all books made into movies lose something in translation so...

that becomes a non-issue as far as im concerned.

him killing himself did not go with the theme. if his bum ticker had gone out as she held him in her arms then it would have gone with the theme. killing himself wasn't the only solution. he could've left. he had no better reason to kill himself when he did than sometime after he saved her once and before he met her at age 19.

in reality, his suicide probably left her pretty fucked up. if this chick couldn't get over him during her entire adolescence then she's got issues. his suicide would have not done anything good for her concerning those.

the crap about them finding her again is bogus. what kind of power would the senator have outside of sin city? leaving would've been easy and maintaining outside of his grasp would've been easy, and even if they did find them again (very unlikely considering who their pursuers would be and her's and hardigan's intelligence) it would've been worth the years they had together.

he didn't have to kill himself to save her. i cant believe he couldn't find a better solution.

anyways, his bum ticker failing on him would've been a little keener considering the theme and forshadowing.

BTW, the majority of good movies out there dont have typical hollywood happy endings. they have real endings. in reality, hardigan would've died by somebody else's hands or left with the gurl.


There will be an extended DVD version coming out end of the year. It will take the 3 stories and put them each as their own movie. So what I'm hearing there will be 3 Sin City movies in one package.


Doesn't the line in his death scene echo a similar line from when he saves her in the beginning?

And besides, a man who lost his esteemed image as a cop goes to prison as a child molestor and then goes on to save the girl again and die a literary, beautiful death.

He's a tragic character, dying at his own hand after living to fight his archenemy and saving his psuedo-romantic therapon like love is the sort of story tragedy is built on.

At any rate, good enough for me.