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Simultaneous Different Upr/Lwr Body Training Principles

Quick question, does anyone see anything wrong with doing two different training protocols for different bodyparts, for example doing low reps (3-5) for lower body, while doing something like German Volume Training for upper body? Would one of these protocols interfere with the body’s recovery from the other? Specifically, I was hoping to do Ian King’s leg program while doing GVT for my upper body. Thanks.

The response you get from training is both systemic and local. Thus, during neural training phases, you don’t get a training effect ONLY in the legs after a squat workout, but in the whole body as well. The 20-rep supersquat routine is based on this concept. It is recommended that you try to stay within the same TYPE of training for the whole body - e.g. hypertrophy - which leaves you with a wide range of training methods available, though… During heavy neural phases, you could benefit from splitting this demanding type of training - i.e. doing heavy squats, deadlifts, benches, and chins during the course of one week could easily lead to overtraining of the nervous system, given that other variables are constant.

There’s definitely not a problem with what you propose! In fact, I think there’s a definite advantage to it! By taxing different systems during each three week phase, you might very well allow each system to recover more easily.

Sounds like The Oscillating Wave Program! I used this for about a month with great success. Personnaly I liked this program a lot. Always doing different rep and set schem, keeps you from getting bored.