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Simpsons on Steroids

Guess Patricia is more of a movie buff, so she wouldn’t have run over this. The Simpsons are doing an episode on working out/steroid use this season. Of course, in typical TV fashion, the only interesting story they can come up with is “roid rage”. Funny part is, Marge is the steroid user. Check out this description:

The Strong Arms of the Ma (#EABF04 / SI-1404)

Concerned that she’s been neglecting her health, Marge starts lifting weights, which leads to steroid abuse and a harsher Marge to the family.

There’s no air date announced, but it will be after the new year. Why can’t they come up with a more interesting story?? Like how Marge’s sex drive goes through the roof, and her clit enlarges? Oh well.

You can see it here on “The Simpsons Archive”:


Marge is soooooo hot. I hope the series never ends… notice how they’ve been doing more esoteric/subculture stuff lately? Like modern art (w/ Jasper John), comic books in that one Halloween special (“Xena wants xsex.”), and now bodybuilding.