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Simpsons Movie



Really, does anybody care anymore ?

The Simpsons were fantastic, but I feel they past their high-point a number of years ago ... and with Family Guy and South Park literally "corrupting"(I enjoy them a lot, don't get me wrong)animated tv-series, they might just not make it.

The Simpsons may have gotten too soft for this day and age.


heard about the movie a few days ago. . . didn't really do a lot for me because I can honestly say that I really never got into the Simpsons; don't know why just never did. Family Guy and South Park, now that's a different story, I think those shows are hilarious.

BTW, Simpsons must still be doing alright for Fox because if I remember right they got extended another few years. Eh, well I might go see it if it looks funny.



I'm definitely going to see it. The Simpson's can be funny as hell.

However I do agree with the above - South Park and Family Guy have raised the bar on animated shows.


No show can "raise the bar" for [animated] tv.The Simpsons put the bar at its peak. Both the Family Guy and South Park blatantly rip off jokes from the Simpsons. From about halfway through the 2nd season until the 8th or 9th season the Simpsons was the greatest show of all time. The last 5+ years have pretty much sucked with some decent episodes tossed in every now and again.And for the record, the Simpsons will be on as long as Matt Groening decides to keep 'em on.


Family Guy:Funny but it's the same thing every show,include a bunch of flashbacks in the characters that include them doing things like or with celebrities or historical figures.

South Park:The funniest of the three.They always make a pretty good point about society or a recent event in each episode also.

Simpons:The best cartoon series ever.Similar to South Park without the dick and fart jokes.Plus,Homer is the funniest character ever.


I agree with you. It always saddens me when a great show lasts on and on till it goes down the crapper and is remembered as shitty because of that. (No pun intended) Such is not the case for the Simpsons....yet. But it should be seriously considered very soon

A great part of making it in the legend is knowing when to quit.


It's true.
When at their best, Simpsons simply is the best of the 3 shows.
However, Family Guy and South Park are more "daring" qua humor ... I hope Groening indeed does get the best out of the drawer on this one, and he might pull it off.


The Simpsons being garbage today has nothing to do with any other cartoon. It sucks because the writing sucks period.

Family Guy is underrated. I mean come on anyone see the episode where Quagmire fell in love? And they made that fake video of him getting killed and a model dinosaur "eating" him while Peter sang the theme song from Jurassic Park? That is the funniest shit on tv today.

South Park can be funny but I think it's boring as hell.

Also, one of the funniest cartoons on tv today is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Fan-fucking-tastic.


I agree.

As much as I like Family Guy it does rip off the Simpsons in so many ways.

Or I guess you could say it pays homage to the Simpsons.

I am not really into South Park.

Some of that Adult Swim is funny.

Sea Lab and Harvey Birdman kill me.


Shit man, that episode was the best.

Did you see the one before that, where Stewie beats up Brian for a bet ?
I was totally traumatised after that.


Nah, I've missed a few of the new ones, I have to catch up.