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Simply Strong


Isn't it bloody amazing how strong some people are...I am not complaining as I thankfully do OK but it never seems to amaze me how some people are simply rediculously strong...Ano for example is like tall and lean...he has an 894 D/L and 1080 Squat...rediculous numbers...add to that a nearly 700lb bench as well after having torn his Tri off the bone...Long damn stroke too...you go to his website and check the journal...he reminds me of watching hydraulics...slow and steady...you watch him and predict that he is going to stick and stop at some point or another and he simply seems top smoothly keep driving or pulling the weight...Amazing stuff


My best friend in high school was 5'8, 155 pounds. He was 100% mesomorphic, though, and could squat 455 and the one-time we deadlifted heavy (out of sheer curiosity to see how much we could since at our school we never did them since we did power cleans) he threw up 455 X3. Pretty damn impressive for a drug-free 18-year old of his size. After high school football ended he never lifted anymore.


This is what I mean...REDICULOUS strength


Or this pic of John Beatty. That's 1520 lbs.


No one can deadlift that much, so what exactly is he doing?


He's doing a Rack Pull using APT's deadlift straps.


Looks like a Hand and Thigh lift. See the block a couple inches below the barbell plates?


At 1520lbs. that's still pretty impressive


Yeah, I think that's the name of the lift. That's a lot of damn weight!


in november im going to watch some guy bench 1100 lbs in York Pa at the weight lifting hall of fame.

He holds the world record i think it is 1005 lbs.



Hmm also called the health lift from the 60s if I rem correctly. He isnt using different grips thats impressive considering its a lot hard to hold the weight with both palms facing you, wonder if he can close #4 cap of crush gripper just from that


Nope. There are only 5 men in the world that have done that (or at least certified). He's a great steel bender though, and sells some very high-quality thickbars and other grip tools. Google Fat Bastard Barbell Co.


My old man is like that. The bastard has legs like tree trunks, and he's strong as hell. He won't weightlift at all, as he thinkgs it only fucks people up. But man if my legs were that thick I wouldn't mind.


Some people have sick genetics. There is one kid on my wrestling team that weights 160 lbs and barely lifts but can bench 270.


Some people do indeed have good to great genetics but the majority of the guys that simply exceed all others are the guys that work hardest at it...they take the most common of exercises and routines and work them in extra-ordinary fashion and they innovate and excel where others stagnate and stall...natural ability is half to less than half the battle and History has proven it since the beginning of time...some people like to throw genetics and other buzzwords around while others continuously demonstrate an unbelieveable dedication and unbriidled tenacity in their training...here a visual...you want to get strong...when I looked it up in an online dictionary...I got this...lol