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Simply Big Beyond Belief

Hey guys I am trying Leo Costa’s Big Beyond Belief program for the next 16 weeks. My goals are simple, to put on as much muscle as possible without much fat gain.(will be doing 20 min of cardio 3-4 times a week.)

I definitely want to bring up my upper body especially my chest. I have a good 3.5 years of training under my belt and I will be training with a buddy who is on his off season training. Calorie intake will be around 4500 with about 300-350 grams a protein a day.

Stats 6’2
weight 235
Body-fat around 15%
age 20
sqaut 450
deadlift 530
bench 290

Day 1
Hammer high row 230x12 240x10
DB row 120x12 130x10

Hammer Incline bench 210x12 220x10
DB fly 35x12 40x10

Scott curls 70x12 75x10
Cable Reverse curls 80x12 90x12

Seated calf raise 105x12 140x11
Standing calf raise 130x12 140x11

20 mins cardio


Shoulder, triceps, legs all 90sec rest in between

Hammer Press (sitting backwards in the machine)
115x12 120x10

DB Laterals
20x15 30x12

Cybex Triceps pressdown
80x15 90x 12

Incline DB triceps extention
30x15 40x10

135x10 225x15 255x12 275x12 I was toasted after this last set couldnt wallk lower back was on fire!

20 mins cardio

Hey, i am very interested to see how this program works for ya. Are you doing the 4day, 6day, or 6day2x a day one? Best of luck!

Before and after pics would be nice aswell :wink:

I am going with the 4 day a week my friend. The fifth day I will do cardio, dips for 5x10 chin ups for 5x10 and weighted pushups for 5 sets. This 5th day workout i am going to continue to do throughout the next few months

Nice weight on the squats. High-rep squats of any kind kill my lower back, too!

I did tomorrows lifting today:
5-7 rep range
4 sets legs
4 sets back
4 sets chest
2 sets delts
2 sets bi
2 sets tri
2 sets calf

Reverse Hyper 200x7 200x7
Front Squat 245x7 315x6 (new pr +1rep)

BB Row 205x7 215x7
Naut. Pullover 150x7 160x7

Flat BB bench 225x7 245x7
Decline DB 75x7 90x7

Scott curls 80x7 80x7

Close grip Bench 175x7 205x7

Hang clean and press 135x7 185x5

Standing calf raise 160,120,80 =21 reps total
160,110,70= 21 reps

Workout went well felt stong on all my lifts. I did a round robin of chest back legs delts for a warm-up light weight for 10 mins and felt great going into my worksets.

Chest 4x10-12
Back 4x10-12
Legs 4x10-12
Delts 2x10-12
Calf 2x10-12
Bicep and Tricep 1x10-12

Incline Db 75x12 80x10
Hammer Incline 2 plates +25x10 both sets

T Bar row(v-grip) 140x12 165x10
Reverse Pulldowns 180x12 195x10

Lying leg curl 150x12 160x10
SLDL 225x12 255x12

DB Press 60x12 70x10

Bicep Cable curl 120x12 Drop set 70x10
Tricep Dip Machine 280x12 Dropped to 140x12

Standing Calf raise 150x10 160x10

Ab Rollout wheel 3x12

Back 5 sets
Chest 5 sets
Biceps 5 sets
Calfs 5 sets

All 13-15 reps

Db row 110x15 120x15 130x13
Db Shrugs 1 arm 80x12 90x10
(2x15 neck machine extensions)

Db Incline 70x15 75x13
Db Flat 50x15 55x14 70x10 went a little to heavy

Db curl 40x15 45x12
Cable curl Reverse grip 70x15 80x15 90x15

Seated calf raise 115x15 125x15 130x13
Standing calf raise 110x14 120x14

These high reps are brutal Cant wait till friday to hit the 5-7 rep range

Calories are 4200-4500 of very clean foods.
I usally eat the same thing everyday.This is what my usual day looks like

Meal 1
8 whites
1 whole
1 cup oats
1cup blueberries
1 banana
1 tbsp flax oil

Meal 2
Nitro Core 24 or Metabolic Drive
2 cups milk

Meal 3
Mission carb balance wrap (21g fiber)
6 oz Chicken or beef mixture
.5 cup black beans
.5 cup santa fe brown rice
3 tbsp. on the border salsa
1/4 cup cheese

Meal 4
Metabolic Drive
large apple
.5 serving peanuts

Meal 5 Pre workout
1 cup oats
30 grames of Whey isolate
10g aminos

Meal 6
Surge 1.5 serving
200mg ALA

meal 7
5oz beef gyro
5oz Chicken
1tbso oil oil
3 cups lettuce

Meal 8 Befor ebed
Nitro core 24
1tbsp PB
1cup cottage cheese


5 sets each

Push Press(behind the neck) 95x15 115x15 125x13
Db press to shoulder 50x15 55x13

Tricep Skull crusher 65x15 70x15 75x15
Single arm reverse grip 30x15 35x15

Squat 225x15 245x15 265x15
Rev- Hyper 145x15 145x13

45 Degree Calf raise 180x15 200x15 220x15 130x15 240x13

Ab wheel 13 13 13
Leg raise 15 15

Weight is up to 237 and getting stronger calories today 4500.

Forgot 10-16-08 workout
here it is:


5-7 rep

Rev-Hypers 200x7 200x6
front squat 245x7 315x6 New PR

BB Row 205x7 215x7
Naut. Pullover 150x7 160x7

Flat BB bench 225x7 245x7
Decline DB 75x7 90x7

Scott curls 80x7 80x7

Close grip BP 175x7 205x7

Hang clean and press 135x7 185x5

Calfs 160,120,80=21 reps 2x


10-12 reps

Naut. Pullover 110x12 120x11
V-bar pulldowns 190x10 (to heavy) 170x11 170x11

Chest DB Bench 55x12 65x12 70x12
Cable fly 60x12 70x11

Glute/ham raise 130x12 150x12 160x12
Lying leg curl 155x12 165x12

Bent over lateral raises 25x12 30x12

Incline Curl 30x12 35x10

Dips bdwt.x12 +10lbsx12

Standing calf raise 150x12 160x11

total caloric intake for today 4800 400 protein 450 carb