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Simplist Effective Program?


lets say your 100% healthy and have no strength or postural imbalances (this is not me btw) what is the simplist program you can get away with without causing imbalances and injuries?

I read a lot of people say that you dont really need to do more than deadlift, squat and bench.. . and while thats simple I can imagine that wouldnt be a good program to do for an extended amount of time.. . sure you could add pullups and barbell rows but is that all? allready the program is getting more complicated. ..


Clean and press
Bent over row

Do those 6 and REALLY do them each and every week some variation of them and all else you do is just icing on the cake.

Thats my take and what I have been basing my weeks training on latelt and loving it.


What are your goals?

Look good naked, brute strength, or functional training for sports?

If you are trying to build a physique (look good naked) then you want to hit every bodypart (calves, biceps triceps abs) directly. Most guys can't afford to wait until later to start working their calves, for example. Start working calves right away, unless you are lucky to have big calves naturally.

The simplest programs (to me) are Push/Pull/Legs, or Upper Body/Lower Body.

Just my opinion, I am not a professional trainer. This website is loaded with great routines written by professional trainers... read up and decide which ones seem simple to you.


Did you read that on this site? After a year of only deadlifting, benching, and squatting, you'd have some SERIOUS shoulder imbalances without rowing.

I agree with those being necessary, but I think dips should be in there too.


THOSE exercise should always be included...uhh i hate doing any type of calf work..and stuff..anyone else have this same problem..i dont have big calves or anything..but i just cant do them..bugs me..feels like a waste of time.



Well, imo, dips shouldnt be recommended as a blanket advice. Its way too likely to cause problems.