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Simplicity and Intensity

I am not the type of guy that does the whole one legged standing bulgarian dumbell overhead front sqauts or any other extremely odd type of lift. (yes I realize thats not a real lift) Definately %100 NOT saying that those lifts and methods don’t work, and that I won’t try them eventually, or that I’m possibly not lacking in some department by not doing them, it’s really just not my style. I like to go heavy and do simple movements mainly based off the three PL lifts (squat, deadlifts, and benchpress)

I didn’t even want to post this before I started trying it because I didn’t want to get any negative feedback from people before I actually put it to use. My leg day consists of two lifts…

squats and leg extensions to absolute utter pull me off the ground failure. My leg day lasts about 25 minutes before you count abs/calves if I do them… thats it. That is a major change up from my previous workout mainly by the lack of volume from different lifts. Some would say there is a lack of ham work, but I make up for that in the way I deadlift. I realize this isnt new and basically just builds off the OLAD style of training but let me tell you THIS WORKS. The overall shape of my quads and hams has changed DRASTICALLY over the last five to six weeks. I have not taken measurements but I will post some pictures when I update my progress thread in a month or two. I am still doing a 7 day split I guess you would call it.

Monday Arms
Tuesday Legs
Weds Shoulders
Thursday Back
Friday Chest
Sat Off
Sun Off

So far I have only really done this with legs but here is an example day.

After warming up

315xwhatever I can get. I have a spotter that knows exactly how I like to be spotted (arms locked under my arm pits, looks gay I know but its the safest way to spot squats in my opinion) I go until absolute failure, then the spotter will help me rep out a few more. I somewhat measure my strength and endurance increases from this lift almost using it as a test everyday to see how many I can get)
Then I’ll do the same with 225, and I’m done. I usually rest until I feel very fresh between the two failure sets, not only for safety reasons, but I like to get as many reps as I can. Obviously after that I’ll do leg extensions in the same manner, only I will just do them until my form is so bad that I feel it may cause injury. Thats it, I’m in and out of the gym in no time and I can barely walk, flame away but its working great for me.