Simplest Strength


Anyone done SST the young version? (Triple top set).
I have done regular sst before . But this is seemingly a bit more hardcore.

Some questions about the supplemental… in older books it was something like…

Bench + incline bench
Deadlift + front squat
Squats + straight legged deads
Press + cg bench

In forever it sticks with the same move… eg. Bench + bench sst …

Is it still fine to set it up like the original version?

And about supplemental … Jim once responded me to find the right TM for each supplementary exercise I use in my current cycles… to test it out before each new leader . .
When should I do the TM test for my other supplemental lifts? During the tm test week for my main lifts? Cause normally the 7th week TM is also a deload week… so I dunno. Doing a TM test f e on bench and after the cg bench … Maybe is a bit too much and not very accurate.