Simplest Strength Template Assistance Question

I am getting ready to begin using sst in the second edition. Small question, on the squat and deadlift days it says to pick an exercise for each lower back hamstrings and abbs. I want to do leg raises for abbs and was thinking of doing good mornings to knock out lower back and hamstrings in one shot. I ask because on squat day the suggested assistant work is sldl. I wasn’t sure if adding good morning after would be too much.

One more question… Would it be ideal to use sst with the 28 weeks of training in the Beyond book?

My thoughts: Since you do sldl as supplemental lift, maybe better use back raises/rev. hypers/supermans as low back assistance.
28 week program includes supplemental work (fsl rest pause/widow makers, pyramid…) and sst is a supplemental work, so do original 531 with sst.

Thanks for the reply. I have been doing back raises and leg curls. My gym just got a ghr bench so I’ll start using that too. Also, if i someday do that 28 weeks of traing I’ll keep the assistant work simple.

I have been doing well with standard 531 and sst.