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Simplest Strength? Best Template for General Strength?


Hi all,

I’m just wondering about the best template to use for general strength gains? I have been using BBB and various versions of a Triumvirate, but I’m looking again now at the Simplest Strength template. Would this still be recommended as one of the best templates for increasing strength?
Also, the template in the 2nd edition, when it says lats, upper back, triceps and biceps after the upper body main lift and programmed accessory, are these guidelines on what to include, or are they all to be included as a rule? That’s probably a rather stupid question, I apologise!
Thank you for any help ye can offer!


As Jim said in the book, , “if in doubt about assistance exercises do the Simplest Strength Template”. It works! Read the book it will explain the rest.


Thanks. Ya, I’m thinking that it is the best template for my goals. I was just wondering are all the exercises listed in the book conpulsary or can it be streamlined a bit? Like the triceps and biceps after both upper body days, could they be reduced? I don’t like messing with templates too much, so if they are recommended for the template I’ll run with them. I’ve just seen a few templates from Jim where some of the work is definitely recommended, and other bits are sort of optional. Like the BBB templates where curls and other stuff can be tacked on if you feel like it.


Your individual weaknesses should dictate what assistance exercises you perform. Don’t get carried away worrying about assistance exercises focus on working hard on the main lifts the rest just assists, to quote Jim “it doesn’t matter”.


I asked Jim about it a couple weeks ago and he said that it still holds true. But I have seen many threads asking about the best template and the answer is usually that there is no best template. I suppose he writes every template with the goal of getting stronger in mind, so choosing the one you would commit the most is probably the best idea.