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Simplest Strength 8/6/4 Assistance?

I was planning on using the template for my post-meet training (and onwardly indefinitely) but the high rep stuff for a “big” barbell movement doesn’t work for me, unless the result is shit form and more sit form leading to quickly arising problems. While I hate people modifying the 5/3/1 programme (seems like a cop out), I’d like to know if Wendler himself would sign off on a template like, but using an 8/6/4 approach, e.g. 8’s week (after 5’s main work), 6’s week (after 3’s main work) and 4’s week (after 5/3/1, using an x8, x6, x4 kind of deal).

If this is sensible, preferably on the side of advisable for my goals of strength as priority, what kind of percentages would you prescribe to such?

Many thanks, Jim and to all those who comment and share their knowledge/opinions/critiques

How about something like FSL 5 sets of 5-8 reps or just 5 progresssion?

I should say 3-5 sets of 5-8 for FSL

Simplest solution: use a low training max and work very, very hard on improving technique.

Effort to improve technique + volume = better technique.

No adjustments necessary.

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Wendler replaced the SST with 5’s Pro himself due to an accident - You could replace it yourself.

How about you try the dozens of other supplemental programs? There are literally DOZENS oF total programs I wrote on this forum. Literally total programs.

It would address all your questions.


Thanks for the response. Any particular reccomendations/personal favourites? I’d prefer to follow a tried and true template so info is beneficial

All the programs Wendler has published are tried and tested. So it is just a matter of taste.

You said that PR sets fuck you up, so do the 5’s pro with higher supplemental volume in leaders and then do the 5’s pro with lower supplemental volume in anchors.

Or just sign in in his personal forum, you’ll find everything you might need from there


PR sets, not necessarily. I tend not to push any plus sets past 8 reps. Beyond that, I find form breaks down too much in the major lifts and I’d like to keep my main work somewhat specific to powerlifting even in the off season

This could mean your technique needs to improve. IMO eight in your 531 week is fine, decent in your 3s week and just OK in your 5s week.

That’s just based on my own experience though. I know plenty of people go with goals of 8, 5 and 3 in the first, second and third week respectively and get plenty good results.

Without a doubt technique is a thing for me, largely because I’m not stupid enough to neglect that they’re is always says to improve upon technique. With my squat and deadlift, I find high reps (8 or above) just become far to fatiguing. With bench and overhead, using suitable weight for 8+ reps becomes kind of pointless (currently bench 105kg and press 70kg at ~83kg BW. Low numbers but I’m rounding off my first year of powerlifting and serious training as of next month

IMO, if your form breaks down after 5 reps with moderate weight then either:

  1. Your form sucks
  2. Your concentration sucks
  3. You need to grow a hairy pair.

I could be wrong, but I’m inclined to believe that your form needs work. Form needs to reach a comfortable state where you can just push. Stop trying to reach for perfect form. I haven’t seen any world class lifter who is perfect. Guys like Coan, Goggins, Koklyaev, KK, etc. Got their form to a point where it was dialed in for their bodies and then just got strong as fuck.

Post some videos so we can critique and help you out.