Simplest First Steroid Cycle

Want to know what the simplest/safest steroid cycle to take for my first one. Ive done a lot of research and found a lot of different options. My buddy recommended doing 250mg Test Cyp with 500mg Masteron. Is this the best option? Or should I keep it simple and do 500 mg of just Test. Originally I wanted to stack the test with deca but found that deca could cause me to run into some negative sides in comparison to masteron. Any suggestions would be great thanks guys.

there is a good thread posted few months back has everything you need to know, but to be honest straight test 500mg p/w, if its your first no need to stack, keep it simple see how your body reacts.


Thanks Rocksolid…I was thinking that as well, but do you think doing just Test with 250mg/wk would be safer/more conservative than 500 mg/wk or is 250 too low to have an effect.

Nobody can tell you if a low dose test will work for you first cycle. It should, but it depends on what else is in place with your life, diet and training. Always begin low. If its good gear, and you are working hard, then a small amount of anything should benefit. Ease into the world gently my friend.

Ok thanks guys. What do you think my best bet for an AI and SERM protocol would be read a bunch of moxed things kind of confusing lol

I agree with kingprop if you dont feel comfortable at 500mg then stick with 250mg less never hurt anyone. Arimidex always seems to be a good choice letrozole, i have never used, is good but very strong (from what i have heard) and isnt great on the joints. But to be honest at 250mg a week should be fine with a solid PCT of nolva or clomid. On the heavier cycles some guys take AI from the start to be safe. However is always good to have on hand just incase, if your worried and dont mind spending few extra bucks might as well.