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Simplest 3 Meal Plan?

Do any of you guys eat 3 square meals a day?

What are some of the easier options/staples that you guys incorporate?

I eat four meals. I eat the same foods others do. Are you trying to inquire about how you’d set up a three meal plan in regards to food choices or macros for the three meals?

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Yes because 3 meals I can do consistently. So i know my body feels really shitty if I eat too high of carbs, or too high of fat, or too high of protein. So I feel like I need a moderate/average amount of everything.

I’m 5’6, 32, 165lbs and I lift 3x a week and condition/run 3x a week. So what’s a basic structure of a meal plan I could do? I can’t really handle dairy so that needs to be kept at a minimum.

So to answer your question, I guess a basic outline of both. Just a template I could go off or try. I’ve never tried to dial in my diet so I want to try this now.

I’ve gone back to a 4 meal plan like Brick, basically the 3 traditional meals and a pre bed “snack” of cottage cheese and peanut butter 99/100 times

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Anything more than four is what my mom calls “a sentence”.

I swear i could never get behind that

Behind what?

The PB and cottage cheese. I wanna love it, but alas

Ahhh okay. That makes sense. Its certainly not for everyone, but for some reason I really enjoy it. Enough to eat it multiple meals a day for literally years now. But yeah, if I had my wife eat it every day she would kill herself within a week :wink:

I only included to say that while I tend to eat 3 square meals a day, I tend to have the same thing before bed every night (it can be whatever you like, but I like that pre bed ritual and meal)

Fair enough, I’ve been doing casein with PB or thickened cream for me. Mixes nice and thick into moussey sorta thing. :ok_hand:

Breakfast: oats, eggs w/veggies
Lunch: chili (cooked in batch) on rice and salad (mixed green leaves, olive oil, parmesan, salt and pepper)
Dinner: burritos or something like that.

About as easy as it gets without losing your mind.

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Would something like this work? The only thing I haven’t listed is veggies because I don’t think it makes sense to track how much of it I eat. I should make sure to have in every meal though for sure.

I just see it’s over 100g fat, but I don’t know if that really makes a difference since it’s from chicken thighs, eggs, avocado, cheese, sour cream, and olive oil.

If you use something which tracks micronutrients then tracking veggies is pretty wise. It’s also a good idea just to track them. Most people don’t eat enough fresh multi coloured veg and get stuck in the rice meat broccoli cycle. Nothing wrong with those three items but it’s important to mix your colours and types of veg, berries, nuts and fruits too :slight_smile: