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Simple Workout to Prevent Illness Fatigue

Hello! New to training again! Trained a lot aged 18-22. Now nearly 40 and starting again. Problem is I keep getting ill and I have limited time to train. I’m a primary school teacher 3 days per week (so exposed to lots of bugs) and self employed outdoor instructor 1-2 days. Every time I try to get into a routine I get ill.

Except with hard Abs routines as I’ve been doing it for years (helps dodgy lower back). My issue is making progression, 4 - 5 times this year progression has been halted due to being ill. I’ve trained through it many times and the illness just doesn’t go and can last weeks!

So my question is: would a workout using just bench press and single arm row work? Those two exercises are the ones I like and respond well to. I would aim for low reps 4 sets of 5 for each. i hope it would not fatigue me as much and leave me susceptible. Also with any breaks the gains would hold on a bit longer with the strength work. I’ve never tried them just on their own though and worry my shoulders would lack development. My goals are strength with a bit of size! I also do running and will keep with the abs work.

Obviously never had this issue when I was younger and had really good results back then. Age is obviously a bit of an issue, but I know plenty of people who train and are older than me.

Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!!

Obviously I don’t know everything going on here, but it sounds like recurring illness is your issue.

Do you have a weakened immune system, bad diet, insomnia, or some health issue going on that causes this?

Merry Christmas to you as well!

Thanks, Evolv…Diets good and I sleep well. I think it’s just to do with working both and indoors job in a very stuffy school, where they have the heating way too high and the bugs are rife! Then at weekends I’m out all day night in the cold, as I teach wilderness survival courses. I think stress is a big factor as I don’t have much time between teaching and running a growing business. Soon I hope to give up teaching and the business will be full time. But at the moment I rarely get two days off per week.

So hoping a workout based on just bench and single arm rows will give me some good progress over the next year until my life becomes more stable.

I would personally rather see you do pullups because they are awesome for shoulders and back and are also a great biceps builder. I train using a minimalist approach,i.e. one workout a week. Even I can’t really advocate only doing 2 exercises tho. Do you plan to use a commercial gym? Or,if working out at home,do you have enough weights to more than challenge you? Confusion

I hear ya Baven. Any reason for not training lower body?

If I were you, I would start with some low intensity and low volume work for awhile to allow your body to adjust to the training (added stress) in your life. I would do two days per week with something like this:

Day 1
Bench 5x5
Rows 4x8-12
Do your ab work

Day 2
Squats 5x5
OH Press 3x5
Do your ab work

I would just start VERY light and not worry about feeling like you worked hard. Even if it means just using the bar and adding 5 lbs every week from there. I think your goal should be to do this without feeling worn out or making you more susceptible to getting sick. I believe overtime you will adapt to it and be able to push the intensity up in the future.

Also, another idea, you could think about using is the very minimalist 5/3/1 two days per week approach…

Day 1
Squat 5/3/1
OH Press 5/3/1
Assistance work…

Day 2
Bench 5/3/1
Assistance work…

…and your assistance work could even be minimal, just do the main stuff with your rows and abs. If you’re unfamiliar with 5/3/1, just do a Google search. There is quite a bit of information out there on it.