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Simple Questions About Days Off

ok this is my schedule so far

Monday - martial arts

Tuesday - off

Wednesday - lift

Thursday - lift

Friday - off

Saturday - off

Sunday - lift. (usually legs)

I just found this site and the information on the more full body plans and am in the process of swapping to that. Will this ensure enough rest and such to get maximum gains for myself? I hate to double up but sat and fri I am with the kids.

You get 3 days off a week… what do you want? MORE? lol Thats plenty.

Or have i misunderstood?

If it was me, i would take the kids to the gym on a fri and saturday too.

In fact, id take them friday, leave them there, and pick them up Saturday - i mean, whats the point of taking them home, just to bring them all the way back THEN HOME AGAIN?

I think you need to re-arrange your routine so as to make sure things like that dont happen

You got it?


Oh I don’t want MORE days off. I want to make sure clumping those 2 days together is ok. I will add more days as soon as I can get fit enough and convince my girl to let me go.