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Simple Question

Okay, down here in my city, i cannot have access to many supplmenets as u, at US, so, i’ll ask u, today i searched for a complement to gain mass, and the sellers at many stores told me that the best option will be GNC Pro Performance? Weight Gainer 2200 Gold, or the 100% Whey rpotein from GNC too, wich u reccomend, or any other weight gainer???

I forgot to tell, i’ve been having a food log since like a year ago, and i do that 6 meal per day program, but i dunno why i can’t get all the calories i need, that’s why i’m trying to get extra calories from those suplements

the skinny guy

How about food?

Chicken, turkey, whole eggs, whole milk, beef, veal, fish, nuts, etc. Don’t forget your veggies, but these will give you a lot of protein and calories. Fat too, but if you’re a rail, then there’s not too much to worry about.

Just figure out how many calories you’re eating right now (say, over a week) and then add 500 calories per day until your weight starts going up.

The best way is to keep a food log. It’s a PITA, but until you do, it’s nearly impossible to really know how much you’re taking in.

Also, try to eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Every 3 hours, you eat. From rise 'til bedtime. Lots of water. NEVER skip breakfast; 3 meals a day should be a strict minimum.

The food log will also help you if you eventually start gaining to much fat mass and wish to adopt some kind of “ratio” program (like 50-30-20) (Those numbers being % of calories from carbs, proteins and fats).

Im with pookie. Weight gain powders can be effective but it is more natural for your body to process the larger amounts of food for gains that will last, not just a two week fat pump. Also try creatine

An old school method to gain weight is to drink milk. They used to drink one or two (yes that is two) gallons of milk every day. You add this on top of eating regular meals.

You must workout and have a post workout drink like Surge.