Simple Question: Serving Sizes

I was shopping today, and picking up the requisite oatmeal, when I wandered into the “high-end” section of my local supermarket. So I started checking out what they had to offer, as compared to my old brand of oatmeal. In comparing the labels, something bothered me. Maybe I’m just really slow today, but it looks to me like the carbs, fats, and protein all basically match up.

But, the one is 1/4C. serving, while having MORE cals, as compared to the other, which is 1/2C. serving, but having LESS cals? Like I said, maybe I’m just slow today, but if someone could shed some light on where the extra cals may be coming from, I’d appreciate it.

This was the two together

Sorry for a third post, here’s the other can

Both of them look to me like 40g dry and 150 cals.

Hah, you’re right, I was too retarded to get the metal can open just yet. It appears to be twice as concentrated (1/4C. vs. 1/2C.) because the oats in one are half the size of the oats in the other. Thanks, it makes sense now.

Serving size is rarely based on volume, except for liquids, and even then sometimes it’s still weight-based.