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Simple Programming for Rugby Player. Full Body Full Boring?

I’m one of those people that thrives on workouts that are as entertaining as a box of Corn Flakes. I was looking at your Full Body Full Boring template and was wondering if this would serve well for being an athlete as well. I play D1 rugby in college and although I’m a forward, I still like to keep power in my training. I remember hearing your friend Darren was a rugby player, any advices on how he used to train and which template is closest to that?
The Samsquatch

If you’re using ‘Beyond’ as a source, I would suggest one of the Full Body programs that include Power Cleans.

Honestly, I think that program is horrible for your situation. Not just bad, but horrible.

This is how we program our training; each part is done to “season”. In other words, we periodize everything.

Speed (or work capacity training)

We always, ALWAYS use Krypteia program. The size/strength gains have been phenomenal; we have sophomores who came in “skin/bone” who are doing things I never thought possible. One year of training and they are making progress that blows my mind. SLOW progress + balance = greatness.

We ALWAYS lift the barbell lifts for power; assistance for hypertrophy.

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Alright, I own Forever 5/3/1 and was looking at that last night. Just one quick question about the program, in between each superset, there is rest right? Or is it just sets straight through?

Yes, you rest. Just aim for a total workout time of 45 minutes; this shouldn’t be forced. It should happen naturally. ALL REPS should be strong, controlled and with purpose. You SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT to finish quicker; rather strive to do it BETTER.