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Simple Plan for Getting Lean?


I'm sure that there are many articles out regarding weight loss and getting lean. Is there a diet plan or workout plan that is simple in the sense that I don't have to count calories, complex recipes, or have to spend hundreds of dollars to achieve a desired effect. I just want to work out eat healthy and trim the fat out of all the info out there and get down to getting lean. Thanks in advance


eat less, work out more.

thats about as simple as you can get.


Not an expert.... But.

Warrior Diet and Leangains both seem to encourage not counting calories and eating institutionally. I could be wrong here but you are suppose to get your protein in first and then eat what ever the hell you want. Can't remember which one but one of them said it was OK to have dessert or a glass of wine/beer with your meal.

Someone else can tell you if I'm wrong but I would start there.
Just search it in the tool bar above.


Amazingly simple!


Check out leangains - best thing i've done this year as far as nutrition is concerned!

May or may not be for you but definately worth a look.


It does amaze me at the number of people who think there is a magic diet or cure for weight loss, when in fact all it takes is dicipline and hard work. Anyone can do it really if they want. Not to discredit the OP's question, but the actual diet one follows (as in the macros, timing, etc.) is much less a factor than simply the number of calories taken in versus the number of calories burned.




But remember, when it comes to diet and training, you get out what you put in.


simple plan? ok my buddy dropped 30 lbs is 54 yo, and under 10% bodyfat, very vascualar
he waked up, drinks coffee, gets on treadmill 44 minutes, burns 700 calories
drinks more coffee, eats chicken salad, has 3 to 4 protein shakes, lifts around 4 pm, one bodypart a day maybe 12 sets per bodypart. eats subway tuna sub at night, will get drunk on weekend and hit mcdonalds drive thru.
thats simple


starting a thread to announce your plan is also a great start


Martin Berkham (Leangains author) recommends watching your calorie intake, and also stresses hitting your protein AND fat macro, the rest of your calories are your's to fill. And both of them said wine and dessert are fine in moderation. But mostly red wine is the recommended alcohol.

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I agree with this guy


Hmmm simple eh?

Green faces diet. If it's green and it grows eat it. If it has a face or will grow to have a face one day (eggs) eat it. For an average guy 1.5 pounds of lean meat is a good daily allotment. Fill the rest in with vegetables and some fruit.

If you're not losing you're eating too much. Ditch fat or carbs, don't ditch protein.


read the stickies in the beginners forum


what your asking is their a shortcut to achieving my goals with minimalist effort. not a chance.


-Check out Intermittent Fasting
-Workout 3-4x/week
-Carb cycle. Carbs from oatmeal.

When progress stalled

-cut carb consumed during upper body days by half

When progress stalled

-eliminate carb from upper body days

When progress stalled

-cut carbs consumed during lower body days by half

When progress stalled

-cut out carbs completely from diet

When progress stalled

-add cardio PWO

When progress stalled

-add fasted cardio

If you're still fat

-get lipo

kidding about the last part but simple enough ya?


<30-60gs of carbs per day, aka ketosis.


You sound like you know more about it then I do so take what I say next as my opinion. I have not read either book I just read the threads around here and it doesn't sound like a lot of people count calories while doing a IF diet. Leangains might have more calorie counters but I see no reason to count them on the Warrior diet.

I tried a IF diet for 7 days and lost 3 pounds. My eating window was 4 hours post work out and I was shoveling down food not counting calories. After the first week I stretched out my eating window into 6-8 hours depending on my schedule and have managed to maintain my weight.(which was my goal)

You can tell me if what I am doing even fits one of the mentioned diets. Again, not an expert.


Calorie counting is pretty useless in general IMHO, I have absolutely no difficulty staying very lean eating fat/protein, even the densest sources of fat calories (Pork Belly, Macadamias and Walnuts are my go-to snacks) don't make me lose any definition whatsoever, and I stuff myself constantly.


To echo some of the posts above: Intermittent Fasting (IF) is very effective for some people. Check out leangains, but it entails no cals for 16 hours a day (including sleep time) and eating all your cals in the remaining 8 hours. It's common to put your training in this "feeding window". It can be thought of as cutting for 2/3 of the day and bulking for the remaining third.


Eat nothing but meat and veggies...Drink nothing but water and shakes. If you come to me and say it didn't work I'll know you didn't do it.