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Simple Meal Plans


ok, so I just got back from Europe and really need to buckle down and get serious. Before my trip I was sitting around 195-200. Now my worst fears have come true and after my trip Im now down to about 180. Now I really find its hard to ensure my cals/protein/fat/carb ratio unless I eat the same thing day after day.

I have never done this before but I going to try just to try and keep things as simple and easy as possible and to ensure proper nutrition. I also want to spend very little time cooking and plan on cooking maybe 2x/week and then storing. I know that lots of people here eat like this so any tips are appreciated.

For staples I was thinking-
meats-chicken breasts, steaks, turkey, eggs, tuna

carbs-brown rice, sweet potatoes, whole grain bread, oatmeal
fats-various nuts, omega 3s, whole/skim milk

I would also have various vegetables with every meal-broccoli,cucumber,peppers ect..

Now the question is can I make a complete diet using a very limited number of foods such as the ones I listed? Mentally I know I can do it mainly because I not really a big "food" person and I find it very easy to stay away from sweets ect. as long as I keep myself full.

Setting up meals-this is just an idea- all help is very appreciated

meal 1- 2 pieces of toast or large serving oatmeal
4 eggs
glass milk

meal 2- chicken breast
serving rice

meal 3- tuna

meal 4- Steak

meal 5 -3 eggs

So ya, the basic idea being to keep most of my carbs in the morning and to not mix carbs/fat. I find if I cut the carbs out after around 5 then I sleep much better also.
So pretty much want to have it down to a science and weigh the food out so I know exactly how many cals Im getting ect.., I think if I do this my progress is going to really take off.

Goal is to first put back on my lost weight and then continue up to around 230. Long term goal being to weigh a very lean 200.

17 years/old
height-5 10

Thanks for the help.


Holy crap. You went on vacation and lost 20 lbs? Was it a fat camp?

To answer your question- yes with the foods you have listed and the plan you want to try- I could see it working fine. You have most, if not all of your bases covered. The one exception- what happens when you get bored with it?

Side topic- holy crap you lost weight on vacation??? Did you not eat? If you lose weight that easily you really need to keep tighter control over your food intake, no matter how daunting the task may seem. No reason to work so hard for a long period of time and then have it all piss away because you're too lazy to count calories.

Also- you are not one that needs to be concerned over ratios. Just eat. Seriously.


Yes, I think the reason that I lost so much weight is because I need to eat quite a bit to maintain this weight and on my holiday I was just too busy to sit down for 5 good sive meals a day. Plus I was probably walking for 4-5 hours day in the heat.


you'll gain the weight back quick, no big deal. Meal plan looks solid, I eat basicly the same thing for close to a year now, switching it around periodically. Some people can't eat like this but I like cooking in bulk and keeping it simple. Doesn't bother me to eat the same thing day after day and I have got some pretty good strength and size gains in this time.


have you seen mealplans101? im looking into, dotn know if its worth $100US or not yet.



Better deal.