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Simple Low Carb Diet


What do you guys think of this? I want to strip some fat relatively quickly while retaining strength, not necessarily size.


204 lb (w/ carbs)
197 lb (w/o carbs)
approx 16% bf

Training Days:

3 slices sprout bread 240 cal 1.5g Fat 45g Carb 12g Protein
5 whole organic eggs 350 22.5g 5g 30g
1 scoop whey 130 1.0g 5g 24g
1 Tbsp EVOO 120 14.0g 0g 0g
Fish Oil 60 6.0g 0g 0g
Juice Plus+

                 Breakfast:  900 cal    45g Fat   55g Carb  66g Protein

PWO Shake 220 cal 0g Fat 35g Carb 17g Protein

3 chicken sausages 300 cal 13.5g Fat 0g Carb 39g Protein
1 scoop whey 130 1.0g 5g 24g
1 Tbsp EVOO 120 14.0g 0g 0g

                  Lunch:     550 cal    28.5g Fat   5g Carb  63g Protein

2 scoops whey 260 cal 2g Fat 10g Carb 48g Protein
2 Tbsp EVOO 240 28g 0g 0g

                  Dinner:    500 cal       30g      10g       48g

     Training Day Totals:   2170 cal     103.5g Fat  105g Carb  194g Protein
                                           45%          20%         35%

     Non-Training Totals:   2050         113.5g       59g       191g 
                                           50%        12%        38%

Non-training diet is the same minus one egg, one slice of bread, and PWO shake. Add an extra scoop of whey w/ Tbsp of EVOO throughout the day as a snack when I am hungry, usually in the evening.

Just looking for thoughts and general feedback without getting too much into training. Just want to make sure I crunched my numbers right.


On non training day, I would ditch the bread in favor or brocolli and cucumbers. IMO you really don't need the extra carbs. If anything you can try a finibar prior to your workout. I did a low carb diet with one FINiBAR prior to the workout. The results were good. I could literally feel the FINiBAR go to work. You'll need extra potassium which the broc. and cucumbers will provide. To get a few extra calories, throw in some almonds. Also take some ZMA because I don't see a lot of magnesium and or zine in your diet otherwise. You also might consider something like Superfood. Personally, I'd throw in some coconut oil and GLA if you can (see FA3, or you can get coconut oil and borage/evening primrose/hempseed oil). Other than that, if you can stick to it, the total cals look pretty good for your numbers. But regardless of what I or anyone can say, you might find out that you simply have to adjust the numbers. IS this based on something you've tried before? I'm not trying to doubt you or anything. If you can stick to this, then go for it!


I tried cutting out the carbs on non training days but I like having at least some in the morning to help with energy levels and recovery. My workouts and state of being always seem to depreciate over time without at least some carbs, I dont think the 30g will hinder progress too much.

Im not worried about my vitamin and minerals, I take JP and make sure to get a healthy variety of veggies and fruit on my cheat meals.

I based this diet loosely off of Romaniello's caloric recommendations for fat loss.


What's JP? As far as the bread, if it works for you then great. I was just nitpicking. I'm just not a fan of wheat, but for more than half of ppl, it's probably fine. Good luck.



Easily the best product I have ever bought for health/fitness. I haven't been sick in YEARS. Definitely worth checking out, its backed by Harvard, Yale, etc.


Sorry, but I have to point out that juice plus uses primarily drum-dried material, which is vastly inferior to freeze-dried fruits and veges and has been shown to have a much higher bacterial content.

However, I realize it's popular with some as it's an MLM company.