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Simple kettlebell home routine - imminent lockdown due to coronavirus

Hi All,

Been hitting the gym last few months and have seen some pretty decent results. Put on around 6kg and have got my big lifts up to a fairly decent level, squats 100kg, Deadlifts 120Kg and shoulder press 45kg for three sets of five.

However, with the imminent threat of quarantine lingering over us, I’m looking for a simple full body workout I can do from home which involves minimal equipment. Originally I’m thinking kettlebells and they take up no space as unfortunately i live in a small new build flat. To be honest not looking to spend loads of money either so only thinking of buying one kettle bell to begin with. Perhaps a 20kg kettlebell. Never really done any kettlebell training before so not really sure what routine or exercises will be best.

Given the circumstances I haven’t got any fixed goals I want to achieve at the moment, however, I’m looking to try and maintain my gains and either improve strength or size. I’m more worried about taking and break and stopping, losing all my gains and having to start from scratch. Doesn’t have to be kettlebells if you guys have any alternative ideas :slight_smile:

Cheers in advanced guys

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