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Simple Interval Timing Question

Hi guys,

Very simple question but difficulty getting straight answer:

I need a wrist watch that will allow timing of intervals of different lengths. This ‘difference’ is critically important.

I have run athletes through 30-15 IFT and have determinend maximal aerobic speed. Now I wish to utilise set work:rest intervals for varied alactic,aerobic training etc. but it’s a pain in the ass having three clocks going.

Anyone know a watch that can do:

(BEEP noise)5sec on …(different noise) 25sec off… and repeat this for set period of time (say 16intervals or just set minutes)

I need to be able to change the combos so…

5sec & 10sec, or 7sec and 23sec or whatever combination I need so that I can control work:rest ratios.

If anyone has the answer I would be very grateful as most watches seem to only allow very standard presets and even then, only the same time interval eg. 5:5, 10:10, 20:20 etc.

I figure this board most likely to have people who actually DO this stuff so let’s hope someone else needed the same info.


The Bastardboy

I use this: http://www.amazon.com/Seiko-S057-Interval-Memory-Timer/dp/B000670JW6

It’s a stopwatch, not a wristwatch, but it does exactly what you describe.

get the Gymboss timer…one of the coolest contraption!

20 bucks only.

Thanks so much guys… but the gymboss looks perfect!

Next time a Tabata article pops up (which no doubt it will) I am going to make sure other people know about this.

Seriously…this is such a great find. Thanks once again. May also purchase the stopwatch for track work as I need to see visual and yell a heap.

This has made my day…


The Bastardboy

Just a quick thanks, got the gym boss timer and it does everything i want, dirt cheap and very easy to use.

Anyone else looking for mixed interval duration timer, it’s a great purchase.

Thanks again Weib…

The Bastardboy

I just purchased the gymboss, and it is most diabolical piece or workout equipment ever. No more squinting at the wall clock or attempting to time intervals with a wristwatch. This means no more cheating, and more work. Great for conditioning, but hard on your ego.