Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size

Wondering if you would still chose to do the supersets on the upperbody days or not?

Check it out. Whole program here.

@Frank_C also ran SGSS and ended up with a 545 DL at the end, check his log, but it’s WAY back in there, he dealt with a lot of injuries and has since switched up his style.


I finished in June of last year. My stupid Facebook account keeps posting memories and reminding me of what I used to do.

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I’ve read those. The strength skill circuit looks pretty dope!

Yes I would! I’m use to super/giant sets for everything so my body is use to that. I’ve built my work capacity to handle that.

If anything it protected my shoulders and assured I wasn’t half assing my back work!

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It’s ok man! All you can do is focus on what you can do now! You can still be big, strong, and athletic.


Not until September.

Keep crushing it
3 good exercises to keep you pressing for a long time: incline superman, external rotations on knee and powell raises. They bulletproof those shoulders.

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Two questions.
Do you guys think the last phase can be done in a circuit method pretty much exactly like built for battle, since they are both 5,4,3,2,1?

Are bent over barbel rows a staple exercise or can they be replaced with say cable rows or chest supported rows?

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You probably could, but you are not doing the program then.

If I had to redo this program, I would do have gone with DB Rows and Chest Supported Rows. BB Rows work well for me and it was easy to just pull the bar off the bench row with it and put it back.

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I did this for about a month last summer, I think you’d dig it.

No. Built for Battle is done with a 3RM. If you plan aggressively then you’ll be setting PRs in week 12. I don’t think it’s a good idea to try that during a circuit.

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I have been thinking of running optimal strength for the natural on thibarmy. I can only get in the gym 3-4 days tops so I have to spread the workout out but it looks good.

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Thing is I prefer sub maximal effort over max. I am more concerned about technique. I was thinking 7- 8 reps phase 1, 5-6 reps phase 2 and 3-4 reps phase 3

I’ve noticed as long as you get in and do the work that’s all that matters. I’ve spread out a 4x U/L to 3 times a week (or every other day) and I felt fine. I don’t think it matters long term!

That’s not a bad approach. I love sub max work for accumulating volume, but i love the feeling of handling maximal weights lol.

Used to love max weights but since having a kid training priorities have changed.

@bkb333 - I’d try this program. Here is my review of it.

It will come back, trust me!

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Coach -

Just as a side note I had a buddy of mine that just finished this program and he got great results!

His 1RMs went

Squat - 275 to 320
Deadlift - 335 to 385
Bench Press - 180 to 220
OH Press - 115 to 140

Just goes to show even for a “weaker” lifter, he got a ton stronger and his muscles definitely look more dense!

I think I would recommend this program to a lot of people. Going back to the basics and keeping it simple = big ass results!


Wow awesone to hear about those results

I’m thinking of doing this program I just a couple of questions,
For the percentages of each exercise, do I base that on my old 1RM and increase weight from there, or do I add 20 or 30 lbs to my 1RM and then calculate the percentages for each exercise?

for the sets it’s describes the work sets, I understand that but after it’s say 3 gradual sets, do I add on weight every set?

Any help will be great!