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'Simple, Guaranteed Strength and Size' Assistance Sets?

Hey Coach,
The assistant exercises that are always trained for 6-12 reps, do these follow the same amount of SETS as the big four lifts for that day ?

3-4 sets

Thanks :grin:

It doesn’t use a progressive overload approach, just go to failure or close to it

Thanks, I read that, I just couldn’t see sets in the article anywhere.
It also says keep the assistance exercises the same till at least after the 2nd block but then the following paragraph says "The supporting lift can be changed at every session since it will not be trained for progressive overload but to make sure that you are maintaining proper structural balance"
Am I missing something?

assistance are exercises 3 and 4, supporting exercise is the isolation exercise for upper body

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CT, every three period week has a number of reps for “the upper body assistance”.

  • Is that the same number for the lower body assistance?
  • Or do you wanted to give that number of reps for the supportive exercise?

As an example, it says for the intensification phase:
“You will perform 3 reps on the four main lifts of the workout, 8 reps on the upper body assistance exercise and 40 meters on the loaded carry.”

The lower body “assistance” is a loaded carry… you can go 50m, 40m, 30m, 20m on the phases

But what about the barbell rows, front squats, etc?
Do you recommend something like more reps for the first phases and then less?
Or just by feel shooting for failure in the 6-12 range?

Same sets/reps schemes as the first two exercises

@tye_89 and @ierazo

I read that article like three times, wrote to CT on his ThibArmy forum, and then read through it again before I submitted my questions so I didn’t look silly. I finally figured it out.

There are only four lifts per day. They all have the same set and rep schemes for each phase. The only supplemental or assistance exercises are the loaded carry and barbell curl (his example). Curls can be replaced by any isolation movement and changed weekly.

I was a little confused by the terminology too.


Hahahaha. I literally read it 3 times asked my questions then figured it out besides the sets on isolation. How many sets on farmers walks ?

I’d do whatever the day calls for. 3 sets the first day and 5 on the higher volume day.

Is 1hour 45min too long for the lower body higher volume day as a 2B?
This included a 15 warm up. All rest was timed at 2min. Changing exercises probably dragged out to 3/4min.

How long is it taking you other guys for the lower body higher volume day ?

I just did my first lower body day of 5 x 8 and it took me 1:12 with 60-80 sec rest between every set and a little more between exercises.

It’s an insanely difficult program. You are humbled by it. I did sumo instead of conventional as my lower back was fried by back squats. Be mindful of the load the first two days because you want to hit 5 x 8 on the second version of that workout. The 5 x 8 on all four lower body days and the 5 x 60m farmers walk woke my eyes up about my work capacity. I hit 4 x 8 back squat and then on the fifth set hit 4 reps.

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When looking back I think zercher carry is better than farmers walks for this program as your hands get so much work.