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Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size (Advanced)

On your website, your article titled Simple Guaranteed Strength and Size, would you recommend that for beginners or is that something Advanced trainees can also do?

I was just questioning if a guy with a pretty strong Squat and deadlift (500 lb) could be doing that much weight 4 total times per week without wearing down (2 squat and 2 deadlifts each week?)

Thank you

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Yes. The answer is yes. Just do it. It’s an awesome program. Start too light, progress slowly, and you’ll see results.

My best Deadlift was 495 going into this and I hit 465 for my top set in week 12. I came back a week later and pulled 545 with more in me.

I topped out with 285 on bench in week 12 even though my lifetime PR was 300. I got 305 after the 285 and probably had more in me.

Here’s my full review of the program.

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Great review of the program!

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Go to @isdatnutty ‘s log called “Mr. Program Hopper”. He’s running it right now with zero problem and he’s a tank.

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SGSS is fun! I wouldn’t call myself a tank though. More like a F-22 raptor lol