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Simple GOV Question, Need Some Help


I'm wingin this class this semester because I don't see the need to spend time on elective gov class. Not that I don't respect it, its just not as high a priority as my actual major studies...regardless I won't end up with less than a B because fuck it, its frosh a-gov.

anyway, this question is giving me problems

How are the standards for libel different for public figures compared to ordinary citizens?

anyone have any guidance for me?

answer? anything?



As a technical answer, a difference exists in that for a public figure, to prove libel it must be proven that a statement was known to be false or was published with reckless disregard for truth.

Whereas in general, it is not necessary that the statement was known to be false. Having been made in good faith and with reasonable belief of being true is usually a sufficient defense in the case of persons other than public figures.

Now, in practice there may be more to it than this.


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the answer just seems more clear on this board vs a book...if that makes any sense


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totally, the book has a 26 page chapter onlibel. I got lkost in the circling of the same words over and over.