Simple First Cycle

Hey folks, i’m thinking of doing a simple cycle. I’m currently about 255lbs and %18 bodyfat and 30 years old. I’ve train most all my life since i was 12.

Anyhow this is what i’m looking at.

400-500mg of test E for 12 weeks with some Arimidex on hand in case and then i’ll run Novalex for 4 weeks 40/40/20/20, 2 weeks after my last Test shot.


Woah someone who actually did some research! lol.

Looks good man, I’d go with 500 mg, 400 is a tad on the low end. 250 mg 2x a week is a good starting point. Some might say that you should shorten your cycle as it will make recovery easier but it’s up to you.

The waiting period prior to your PCT and your actually PCT plan looks good.

Also I’d suggest not having the Armidex for “just in case”.

Use it .25 mg’s every other day for the duration of the cycle and you will be pleased, trust me on that one.

Have fun.

255, 30 years old, trained whole life.

Your good to go.

Only thing I have to say is this.

Consider a dbol kickstart, its alot of fun and very effective.

Run the adex from the beginning, on hand means nothing.

I also recommend starting the nolva about a week after your last shot or sooner and running it longer.

An extra week or two of nolva is only about 10 bucks AT MOST, and trying to time the ester’s depletion to when you start dosing nolva is guesstimate at best.

Better to start building the nolva up in your system even before the test has completely cleared.

If its Test E and you dont want to dbol kickstart, consider a frontload.

It will bring your test up to peak concentration much faster, meaning you will get more benefit out of the cycle.

Why 400-500 and why 12 weeks?

Adex on hand for what? Run it throughout. Do so more reading on your serms and ais.

I personally like to sugest a shorter cycle at a higher dose.

I second waylanderxx’s advice and kudos for laying out a decent cycle.

I would shorten to 8 weeks @ 500mg/w test e and frontload. This way your blood level will be at the desired level almost immediately as opposed to 3-5 weeks into cycle and you can start recovery sooner. Also cycles longer than 8 weeks tend to produce diminishing returns.

Frontload: First injection only should be 600mg (=2.4ml of test e @ 250mg/ml). You can split that into two injection sites @ 1.2ml each. All subsequent shots should be 250mg 2x/w.

Adex starting at 0.25 EOD as Way said and adjust accordingly if you get sensitive nips (increase dose); if you get achy joints and low libido (decrease dose); if your libido and mental clarity is spot on (perfect dose).

Your planned PCT is perfect.

Thanks guys, if a shorter cycle is just has effective a shorter cycle it is!

Yeah i still need to read more about AI’s and SERMs.

One question folks, A Roberts in the jekyll and hyde book suggested one weekly injection of 300-400mg of test.

I understand half life but isn’t test e in the blood stream for some 8 or 9 days?

that is true that it is in your blood stream for a long time, but you want STABLE, high blood levels. Shoot enth every 3rd day to help achieve this.

Anthony Roberts is the source of some sketchy info, so I would recommend always double checking his stuff…

I’d do higher dose and shorter length… but thats my thang at the mo…

Sounds pretty safe and sound. Id add a dbol jumpstart merely for the explosion in strength and bloat if the cycle is ran raw. 20-40mg ED for weeks 1-4. I’m not a fan of your PCT, I don’t think a mere SERM taper will be enough to reboot endo test production.

I see the test/taper with a SERM as a more viable option if I were to practice it. I too agree with the 500mg/week, why not? As for the AI, .25-5mg/EOD will keep the gains (IMO) mild and the sides somewhat under control.

Anything else can be dealt with nolva. As for duration, my thoughts on that is it depends on the users stock in his/her medicine bag, but for general guidelines it run a 10 weeker at 500mg/week or an 8 at 750mg/week. My two centavos. -GB

Thanks for all the input folks, still unsure of exactly what i will do but it won’t be much different then what i outlined.

I will use the AI for the whole cycle though and probably reduce my cycle to 8-10 weeks.

The front load protocol looks interesting.

Hi again guys, it seems my source has only Exemestane, what are your thoughts and suggested dosage?

[quote]canada wrote:
Hi again guys, it seems my source has only Exemestane, what are your thoughts and suggested dosage?


I don’t know much about exemestane other than that it works, but if you want a different AI you can look into research chemicals. Letro and Arimidex are both reliable in liquid form from a few specific websites.