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Simple Enough?

Hello, I have been experimenting with a program for about a year now, and think I have finally designed something simple that I can probably stick with. Inspiration is from an article on the top ten mass builders on this site… I really like the 5x5, so will probably rotate on a monthly basis between 5x5, 10x3, and 3x3 (heavy month). I am 6’2" and about 230, and have been lifting for about a year now, but am still very much a beginner. I am trying to keep it very simple, and allow max. rest time. Take a look, and offer any small changes you think may fit:

Weeks 1 and 4

Workout 1 (Upper)
Bench Press

Workout 2 (Lower)
Calf Press

Workout 3 (Upper)
Bicep Bar Curl
Shoulder Press

Week 2 and 4

Workout 1 (Lower)
Front Squat
Calf Raise

Workout 2 (Upper)
Incline / Decline Bench Press
Bent-over Row

Workout 3 (Lower)
Overhead Squat
Calf Press

Thanks in advance,


What is the goal of your workout program?

Should have included that… I want to get stronger! Not interested in competing, lowering body fat %, or impressing anyone. I am transitioning from the military to a police department, and want to improve overall strength. I know myself enough to know that I must keep it simple in order to stick with it! I also will be running 2-3 times a week. Usually get in a well-rounded 4000 calories/daily.



Hmm looks pretty good then tak on assistance as / if needed. One thing you really nail the upper body in week 1 & 3 in comparison to week 2 & 4 and weeks two and foru the post chain takes one damn hella whack with DL, front squats and OH squat in one week. You plan on doing all them with intensity ??

Looks pretty solid and simple though just may balance it a bit more and think how one w/o will effect the next.