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Simple DIY for a Zecher Squat

Just a simple project to get a decent bar. I used 2 pieces of foam from a useless leg extenstion for a crappy york bench.

I never done a whole lot of zechers squats - but enough to know how uncomfortable they are! - since i have a knee issue i try to keep the load light compared to a back squat.

I also believe its a damn good everyday lift if you do any labour type work. When will you walk around with something on your back shoulders like a back squat?

Extra note: I have the collars soaking in a cleaner now to clean them up - they are older then me probably. Then i will take out the measuring tape and secure the collars onto the bar.

Looks like that’s a standard barbell, in which case holy crap that’s gotta hurt for zerchers. The foam is a good idea. Another approach (if you have Olympic plates) is to use an axle. The wider bar diameter distributes the load better.

Never did a zercher squat, but did a LOT of seated zercher axle good mornings while I was rehabbing my ACL, and never felt too much pain with the axle.

Also, it’s a great workout if you ever want to blow out all of the capillaries from one shoulder clear across your chest and face to the other shoulder.

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I have the collars on now and i jus done around 50 or 60 curls with only the bar, super different feeling from the thicker grip. Its a really neat bar.

No man i never done zechers with a standard bar that’s why i put the foam on it! lol I gave up my old oly set, need to get a new one.