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Simple Diet


Hi. I decided to gain mass up to 200 lbs, now I am 175 lbs at 5 feet 8 inches height (~80 kg, 173 cm). Anyway Jim, you wrote in book to keep it simple so I think about 4 shakes per day which looks like that:

Oatmeal (crushed) 100g
Cottage Cheese (medium-fat) 100g
Milk (3,2%) 400g

It's 42 protein, 23 fat, 82 carbs and 755 calories.

From 4 shakes it simply gives me about 170 protein, 90 fat, 330 carbs and 3020 calories.

At the breakfast I'll eat 4 eggs with toasts and cup of milk which gives me extra 30 protein, 20 fat, 35 carbs and 500 calories so my daily amout of everything should be about:

Protein - 200g
Fat - 110g
Carbs - 365g
Calories - ~3500

Is that have any sense in your opinion?


Your plan does not include any vegetables or fruits. No mention of vitamin supplementation.


I just didn't wrote that. Of course I'll eat vegetables and vitamin supplements (like multivitamin or something).


Shakes do not satiate like real food. Eat more meals, and just supplement with shakes.


If this has worked in your experience, you should do it. It has been my experience that whole food works better.


You're missing chicken, fish, and beef. Also rice, potatoes, and veggies. And that's a shit ton of dairy.


For breakfast I have:
1 banana
1 cup oats
Peanut butter
5 eggs
3 scoops ice cream
250ml-ish milk

That satiates quite nicely.


If it works for you......


Papa johns


Personally, I'd go for about another 100g or protein, preferably from real food. If the calories concern you either slightly reduce carbs or get help for the eating disorder.


300g protein?? a bit overkill dont you think? even 200g is enough to take away from if you wanted extra carbs.

the numbers look good for a lean bulk you havent gone over board. but i really think you should limit the number of shakes. try 1 a day and if its too much food for you to eat then try 2 and so on.


Jim I have got another question.

What do you think about that to count just protein and set goal to 200 g per day? Fats and carbs just to get extra calories without worrying about how much of them.


That's what I did, and it got me to 94 kg in three years starting from 82. With fairly the same fatpercentage.


Basically you're only going to know how much protein to eat and ignore the rest?


No, I just want to stick with 200 g of protein. Fats and carbs just for achieve calories.


I get that, but you should have some kind of target at least. DOn't have to count every gram and calorie but have an idea. Your fat should be 25% to 30%, figure 1 to 1.25gms of protein, the rest comes from carbs.


1:1,25 so 160g of fat?


If you know how many calories you should be consuming for your goal, then you take 25% to 30% (whatever you want) and that's your fat. For example... if you were consuming 3,000 calories a day, then @ 30% fat then approximately 900 calories per day would come from fat.


Ok, get that. I just want to start from 3000 kcal as you said.

So it should looks like that? Just for sure.

Goal 200 g protein, 3000 kcal.

PROTEIN: 200 g = 800 kcal
FAT: 100 g = 900 kcal
CARBS: 325 g = 1300 kcal