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'Simple Diet' Question


Hey everyone. I have been doing some reading on this forum and a few others out there. I just read an article on here that many referenced as the simple diet. I looked at the diet and seems its a pretty straight forward diet that is exactly what it says, simple. I do have a few questions or I should say I am looking for some clarity on a few things. The diet states you can eat all you want in the red lean meats category but they should be as close to natural as possible. Sounds simple but a few things come to mind that complicate it for me. One does that mean I can have a steak but its best to have the steak as rare as possible or is it stating to eat the steak with as little extras, such as marinades or seasonings, as possible?

I like the idea of something simple because most diets either tell you what to eat or just give you broad categories to chose from. Any help would be great


If you like simple, why are you complicating thingsā€¦

Grass fed, organic, bison. Cook as you wish. More shit you put, more complicated.

See, simple.