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Simple Diet Plan

I am 38 have been lifting seriously for one year. I am 6’2", 200 lbs, 12% body fat. I have only recently began to eat properly, or at least watch what I eat. I have used FitDay to monitor my intake and here is the daily data:

Calories: 2020
Total Fat: 44g
Total Carbs: 246g
Protein: 158g

I have been losing about 2 lbs per week eating this way and have dropped some fat. My question is, if I want to continue to drop some fat and add muscle, do you have any specific recommendations?

More protein, fewer carbs, more fat… Please post up diet so that more specific recommendations can be made.

What he said.

Your MINIMUM daily protein should be 200 grams.
(if your goal is to reduce fat and gain/build muscle)

I would say you should be around 225-250 grams of protein a day.

if you want a simple diet plan you can’t get much simpler than Dan John’s advice of: eat protein with every meal, and eat fibre with every meal.

YOu can complicate things a little bit more by trying to eat food that is as close to it’s natural state as possible.

I find this works just great for me. If I need to lose weight I get strict on stuff like booze and the occassional rice/pasta dishes I have. Easy.