Simple Cycle

Hello all, Long time lurker here… I plan on competing so as much as I like to lift heavy ass weight my main focus has steered me towards optimizing my physique, though I am aware they go hand in hand. I am not a vet when it comes to AAS and have researched out the nose on compounds and the different effects of different options. It has come down to keeping things simple and adding/retaining some quality mass while staying lean.

Weight: 175
Height: 5’8"
Age: 27

Experience with chemical enhancement: minimal.
Years training: 10 (over 5 with strict focus on bodybuilding)
Diet: In check ( currently post contest, ramping up calories as my metabolism catches up )
Used Compounds: Test E, C, TNT (250 test e, 150 tren e blend), Tren e, and Deca.
Last cycle: almost 2 years ago

I am currently maintaining a low BF % and figure that this is a good place to start.

I propose a 500mg/week test only cycle with standard PCT protocol. I already have Nolva, Clomid, and Letro on hand. I will need to acquire Test, HCG, and whatever else once I decide what route to take.

This is where I ask for assistance, I could stick with Test E or C but there are so many fun sounding options and I definitely want to maximize my gains and look good at the beach while doing it lol. I will not be competing again for almost a year so I am looking to maybe fit a few cycles in before then. I am not sure weather being conservative is my best option. Cost is the main factoring influence on my decision, though I will be treating it more of an investment so allowances will be made lol. I just want to make sure that my investment has a good return.

Goal: to add and retain quality mass while eating clean and staying lean.

  1. Is a simple test cycle complemented with good diet going to yield desired results (Add size and stay lean without too much fluid retention and bloat)?

  2. Would it be considered a better investment to stack another compound that I am familiar with (Tren seems ideal for staying lean)?

  3. Is this a good time to experiment with different compounds?

  4. Should I forget about staying lean and just go for mass and pack on as much muscle as possible? ( I was thinking about saving this one for the winter )

Thanks guys