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Simple Cycle for Harding Up.

Anyones opinion on the following cutting cycle don’t hesitate.
Tren. 75mg/ml every other day
Stan. 50mg/ml every other day
For 10 weeks. Mon. Wed. Fri.
Very simple & inexpensive.
But will the tren & stan mix OK in one syringe even though one is oil based and the other is water?
Advice and comments welcome.
This is my first post on Testosterone Nation, Thank you, Big M.D.

The preceding is just role playing anyone considering doing such a thing should consult with their Doctor first.

Well, almost there. A couple suggestions:
First- It has been said time and time again that tren acetate should be injected EVERY DAY. That is just the nature of the drug. Same with stanozolol, needs to be injected EVERY DAY. But there are those that are still going to inject EOD. Fine, do what works for you. But if this is your first run at tren or stan, you might not know what works for you.
Second- Yes you can mix the compounds in the same syringe, even though one is water based and the other oil. You just need to be careful because the injection speed will be slower with the oil and faster with the water.
Also, depending the quality of your winny, you might be able to spot inject with a insulin syringe, BUT ONLY WITH THE WINNY. Now I am not advocating spot injections. I am just saying that everyday injections leave most searching for different spots. I have done this with testosterone suspension and it really makes everyday injections painless, especially when you hit delts or biceps … even calves. It helps with quad injections as well (for those that have problems injecting there). You can use your large muscles for the oil-based and smaller muscles for the water-based.
THIRD- I would recommend you add some test to your cycle. I have never had a cycle without test. It will help with libido and will certainly add to your gains. Are you afraid of estrogen issues? Is that why you chose these two compounds and didn’t include test?
And what are your plans post-cycle?
I am going to embark on an almost identical cycle. I plan on tren (75mg ED), winny (50mg ED), test prop (50mg ED), and letrozole (.25mg EOD) for about 6-8 weeks. I don’t know how it will pan out, but I might try spot injections with a slin syringe for the winny.

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