Simple Cutting Cycle (with a Twist) - Looking for Feedback!

Hi all,

Couldn’t remember my old password and am locked out of my email address but I’ve been on here for a while and am thinking about running my first cycle in a few years - I’ve forgotten a lot about gear and want to keep things simple this time around.

So, I’m 33, been training about 10 years, run cycles before both oral and injectable. I am currently doing a very slow recomp/cut down from a very long bulk and am sitting at around 18% BF - Bodpod had me at 20% a month ago and I’ve dropped another 4 lbs without losing strength so that’s a guess. I am 5’9” and 194 at that 18%. S/B/D 355/245/485. I plan to start this cycle once I hit around 13-15%, about two months from now if I stay diligent.

Here’s the twist - I am on HCG Monotherapy for Low T. My pituitary is completely fried. I will not necessarily need PCT because I am shut down anyway. I have been on this protocol for years and my bloods look great, I get them checked every six months. I am taking 2000iu per week, injected every third day, with 1mg anastrozole per week.

I am planning to eat at a very slight caloric deficit on this, maybe 300 calories below maintenance, but hell I’ve got two months to plan.

My plan is to drop HCG to 1000iu/wk, injected as 500iu every third day, which is about what I see people running during T cycles on the high end. I am thinking a twelve week cycle of Test, likely Test E injected every third day though I am open to other esters, figure I’ll just do all my injections the same day. I am thinking starting around 300mg/wk and seeing how I respond, possibly going up to as much as 500mg/wk from there. In the last half of the cycle (week 7-12) I plan to add 25mg/day of Var, though what I see for dosing of Var is all over the map so I’m flexible on this too. I do have access to good Var and a number of friends have said it made a world of difference in their cutting/recomp cycles so I’m into the idea. In test/var cycles I usually see it run in the back half rather than the front, but, again, open to input!

Why 25mg? Simple - I can get it in 50mg tabs, but I don’t want to take 50mg, so cutting them in half seems like the way to do it instead of dicking around with cutting them into 75% or some damn thing.

After the cycle I plan to increase HCG to my normal dose and eat at whatever my new maintenance is just to keep the majority of my progress.

I’m not trying to add too much more to this, if anything, but I am looking for feedback as all my other cycles have been for strength and bulking. Conversely and to be totally candid, this is entirely an “I’m single for the first time in eight years and want to look as good as possible and be strong” cycle. That’s really the only motivation there is. I’m shut down anyway and I want to look as good as possible with minimal hassle.

Diet and training are in check and I have organ support for the Var, this ain’t my first rodeo.

Thanks in advance for any advice! Cheers!

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Seems like a very odd protocol. Why are you not just on Test replacement?

Seems like a decent plan it’s mostly just your normal regimen that has me completely befuddled .

Not during the cycle of 500 Test, though, right? If I understand correctly, you are cutting now, then planning to run the cycle of 500 Test wk 1-12 / 25 Var wk 7-12 / 1000 HCG ink 1-12 in a 300 cal deficit?

May I recommend that you just do all your cutting before you start your cycle? Get as lean as your sanity will allow and then start the Test / Var cycle in a 300 cal SURPLUS, not deficit.

I think you will be much happier with the results 5 months from now.

Good luck brother.


This probably won’t do much. Women use 10mg/day, pro bikini competitors sometimes use 20mg/day.

Men need more like 50-75mg/day (depending on the person). Don’t bother taking any until you already have visible abs, otherwise you’re basically wasting $$.

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I started it when I was young, engaged, and worried about fertility. It’s working fine in that my test levels are usually between 675-750ng/dL, everything else looks fine, and my sperm count is still high, so we figure if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


Nothing wrong with that! FWIW I think your plan is fine. You already stated you plan on getting leaner first which is a good plan. Cycling is best done in a caloric surplus or at least at maintenance IMO for recomp.


Not sure how to multi-quote so I’ll just @ people!

@Professor_Hulk - thanks. All of my previous cycles have been done while bulking so I was still trying to figure out the best way to approach diet on this one. I had seen a lot suggesting maintenance give or take a few hundred calories for a cut/recomp cycle, so I was just thinking out loud and that’s one of the things I was hoping for feedback on, so I appreciate you chiming in.

@Andrewgen_Receptors - 50-75/mg a day is much higher than I have seen on cycles that aren’t var only, my understanding is that you start reaching diminishing returns regarding sides and kidney toxicity pretty quickly after 40mg/day, though I’d be happy to look over anything you have that says otherwise. The women I know who have taken it have done between 5mg and 10mg a day with great results, and the two men I know who have taken it were both at around 30mg a day (though they were both stacking it with test and mast). But, again, that’s why I’m here looking for info! Thank you!

I would recommend stacking 20mg/day of Anavar with about 50mg to 200mg/wk of an injectable anabolic other than just testosterone, i.e., Stacking testosterone, Anavar, and an injectable anabolic

Women cannot take much more than 5-10mg due to virilization sides, which are not a concern for males.

It seems many men will start off at 30mg and increase dosage as needed, but if your concerns are of side effects - why go on cycle at all?

For your reading

Concerns are less “side effects” and more kidney/liver impact, but I’ll do some more reading. Thanks!

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By the way, assuming I am injecting every three days (Monday, Thursday, Sunday, etc) is Enthanate the correct ester?

No need for three with Enth. Two days a week will suffice

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Cool, that’s the frequency with which I inject my HCG (I shoot for every third day but sometimes life happens so it’s more like twice a week) so I figured I’d just keep things simple. Just wanted to make sure I was picking the right ester for that. Cheers!

Alright lads, sitting at about 16.4% two weeks out according to the bodpod, almost all carried in the midsection (super annoying, I am lean enough to have visible veins in my quads and biceps even without a pump but I still have small love handles), I’ve got my gear and I’m working with my coach and a nutritionist on this cycle so I have high hopes.

Quick procedural question - I’m going to be backfilling insulin syringes and probably just injecting every day to keep my levels stable. If my math is right at a 250mg/mL solution, .24mL a day seven days a week will be 420mg test per week, and fortunately my insulin syringes are graduated in those amounts so I should be able to get pretty precise.

Is there any reason not to pre-load the syringes rather than dicking around with backfilling such a small amount of liquid every day? I’ve seen conflicting reports.


The preservative in the oil can often cause the rubber in the syringe to degrade. Maybe backfill 2 weeks worth and initially monitor it. Never personally had much hassle with it.


im joining “Team LoveHandles”.
I hope you dont have genetics like mine… but you do… welp…
I have 200 pics of me with half an inch deep abs lines, and veins all over my stomach, but i always had full juicy love handles.
My shoulders and arms are always very lean and veiny. But even if i have abs that stick through a winter sweater(yes, i was proud of the fact that everyone saw all 6 abs even if i wore winter clothes) there was always shit hanging over the top line of my underpants on the back :frowning:


I can relate. I have picture of myself at the age of 19-20 after my first really long grueling cut and recomp afterwards. I had veins everywhere, my abs were chiseled. Granted, I didn’t have much muscle either but what I had were these nice two Love handles on my back.

My new approach is to just get an as wide as possible upper back and make these handles look small


Yeah, I have quad veins, shoulder veins, bicep veins, barely have abs unless I flex. I don’t have the love handle issue, but I do have the all my fat stored on my stomach issue.

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Feeling better that it’s not just me. It’s pretty annoying as someone who was sitting at over 50% BF in college (10 years ago) that I can’t quite get rid of all of it, but it is what it is. Maybe if I really wanted to grind it out for another couple of months I could get rid of them naturally, but - I don’t want to really grind it out for another couple of months.

Alright fellas, had blood work done this morning (still waiting on results) and another BodPod put me at 16.2% BF. Not quite where I wanted to be but good enough for me. About to backfill a weeks worth of insulin needles and do my first shot. Wish me luck, I’ll check in later.