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Simple But Brutal Follow Up Plan?


I had a question regarding what you would recommend as a follow up to your Simple but Brutal plan I just finished it last week and I loved every bit of it. I’m 29 years old 5’10" 250lb using the U.S. navy method for body fat I’m at 23% my goal is to get to 15% without losing too much weight I’ve been steady on my training for 10 months now I’ve gained about 12lb in that time and went from a 43" waist to a 40". Until I found your program I was basically following Coach Thibs 20 Minute Muscle Builder in an EMOM fashion but I had trouble getting to the garage 6 days a week consistently with work and family. I have completely fallen in love with High Rep Squats however I WAS indeed ready for a break when I reached the end. My only changes were I added pullovers to my squat set (which was amazing), I did T-Bar rows instead of chest supported, and I did 5x5 on dips and 1 max set of pullups plus 4 sets of 5 band assisted pullups. I was amazed as the results I started low on the squats at 185lb and at the end I was doing 250lb x 24!! Plus I added a solid 1/4" to my arms unpumped. I apologize for the long winded question I just wanted to say THANK YOU and where should I steer next with this new found love of high rep squatting? This week I’m just kind’ve taking a deload style week and doing Arnold’s Golden 6 routine.
Thank you sir,

Well there’s a lot of ways to approach that.

One thing would be to squat twice a week. With one session being where you work up to a heavy set of 10-12, and another session where you do 1 set with 135 pounds for TIME. And try to beat that time each week. So shoot for 45-60 seconds the first week, then each week try to beat that time. I’ve done this before and it’s brutal but very effective.

Thanks for the response sir.

I like the idea of a timed set, so after a bit of experimenting and thinking about what you said I used the golden six as my base and came up with this 3 times a week full body:

: 4x10/135x60sec/4x10
Superset Bench: 115x60sec/3x10/3x10
w/Band pull-apart: 100 reps/3x20/3x20
Inverted Row
:3x10/3x10/AMRAPx60 sec
Superset BTN Press:4x10/4x10/4x10
w/ Band Pulldown: 4x20/4x20/4x20
Curl Variation

So far so good, however is this too much volume and you said squat twice a week and doing this its still 3 times. At this point it feels good but am I setting myself up for failure.
Any input would be appreciated.

The only way to know is to give it a run for about 6 weeks then assess how you’re feeling.