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Simple Budget Test Cycle, Advice


Fist off, I am 28 yrs old, 6ft, 185lbs, 8% bodyfat. I have been in the gym for over 10 years, with a few breaks in that time period. I would say I'm naturally fit and make gains easily, and when I don't work out for a month of so I really don't lose anything. I have done cycles in the past, but my last one was 5 years ago and honestly I was so young and stupid that I wouldn't even call them cycles. I feel I am mentally and physically ready to try again.

My problem, money and lack of resources. I have an idea for my cycle, based on what is available to me and what my goals are, but I wanted get advice from you more seasoned guys on what I might want to change or tweak. Here's what I can get, within my budget and what's available: 10ml of Test. Test is 200mg per ml. I have no way to get Nolvadex or Clomid so I have Formadrol, it's a legal anti estrogen/ pro test complex. I might also start supplementing ZMA with PCT. I have researched everything I am thinking of taking, but I am no pro.

So the cycle I am thinking is this: 200mg of test 2xweek for week 1-4. Week 5-6 200mg 1x week. Also I would take Milk Thistle during this cycle and I would start the Formadrol and ZMA a week or two after my last shot of test. My nutrition and workout will be adjusted appropriately for max gains.

I want to make it clear, I am not looking or expecting to gain 20lbs on this cycle. I would much rather gain 5 lbs and have close to no side effects, and that also happens to be all I can afford. Last but not least: If I do choose to save for a second bottle of T and make my cycle twice as long, 10 wks, will the gains be worth it and will my current PCT be sufficient for it? I'm sorry if this is a repetitive subject with you guys but I really can't find the info I'm looking for on this my situation.

Thank you in advance


I understand you aren't looking for 20lbs, but you really need to do more test or a longer cycle. At 400mg, you won't even start getting strength or size gains from the Test until week 4 or 5 (I'm assuming this is Test E or C), at which point you plan to taper the dose to TRT levels.

The risk/reward just isn't there. You are going to shut yourself down for very very minimal gain.

Also that OTC PCT bullshit isn't going to cut it, you need a SERM. You can buy them legally off the internet in liquid form. Google rui products, I always get quality stuff from them.

I get the impression that you are getting ripped off pretty hard. A vial of test shouldn't cost you more than $50-$60 here in the US. You should be able to run 500mg of test for 10 weeks, arimidex, nolvadex for PCT, needles and alcohol swabs for less than $250 total. For $275-$300 you could throw in some dbol and have a really solid first cycle.

Maybe find a different source?


Hey man thanks for the info!
The last time I did anything was 5 or so years ago so I don't really know if I'm getting ripped. For a small bottle, 10ml, It's $110, double size is $200. And I'm gonna cancel the order for the OTC stuff and check out the site you suggested for PCT. Do you think it's necessary to taper of the T like I planned or just continue the whole cycle the same?


yeah bro your getting ripped alright,you can almost get 2 10mil 250mg/mil shipped domestically, be there in a couple days for 110.00


Wow that's crazy. Is it usually more expensive when it's a local supply like I'm looking at or should online and local be fairly similar in price?


Well, when you buy it local you're paying at least 2 middle men, probably more. When you get it online you usually only pay 1. Just use google, T Nation does not allow source discussion but some other sites do. Look for reviews of the seller and the brand of gear they are selling.

If you buy domestic there's about 0% chance of getting caught. If you buy international there is a small chance customs will catch it and confiscate it. They aren't going to come busting down your door though lol, it's also a little cheaper to buy international.


I took your advice and did a lot of research. I found what I think is a pretty solid online supply and it's half the price I was going to pay! Thanks guys


I am 50 years old and on my first cycle with test e and oral winstrol, I have been lifting for 2 years now. I got my gear through a friend and I was told that I do not need to do a PCT due to my age, is this true or should I get something for when I finish my cycle in four weeks.


no. you absolutely need PCT

that is the dumbest fucking thing i have ever heard

punch him in the face


Are you on TRT?


not to "one up ya" but I know where one can get it for 40 per 10ml


I am a lucky mother fucker it looks like. 25 local. Or if I have to have it, and they are out, 25 domestic, but then I have to pay shipping and stuff....


,... I think the point is that test is dirt cheap. and dude is getting ripped