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Simple Barbell Training

Hope you’re all. Doing well and training is going good. During quarantine I cut all my training back to the very basics and set up my garage gym with a squat rack, pull. Up bar, 200kg plates and barbell. I have 2 different session that I do 3/4 times per week and each session has a pull movement, push movement, hinge and a squat movement ending with an accessory lift. Due to the lack of weight at the start I was doing times sets for 10 minutes for each movement and making sure that next time I did that particular session I either beat the reps or added weight. Now that I have more weight I am. Able to go heavier but would like some advice on how I. Would be best to do this. I feel I am progressing well with the times sets but I understand this may not be optimal for size and strength gains.
An example of a session is -
Bench press
Bb row
Back squat
Skull crusher
All using barbell

Any help on this would be a massive help

I’m not really sure what the question is. I would just do a few hard sets for each exercise since you have enough weight now.

Sorry I wasn’t very clear. Basically I want to keep my sessions simple with the barbell and keep progressing but now I have my kit and weight how would you advise setting the sessions out. I was thinking of working in the 6-10 rep range and doing 4 sets with the same weight until I can do 4x10 and then up the weight and start again. How does this sound

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It sounds like you are going to be lifting the same weights over and over for a long time. Just pick a program that looks good to you, 5/3/1 is always a popular choice on this site.

Hi again

I have now found a sweet spot with my sets and reps and I am progressing nicely using this. My question is how to split my exercises up now that the weight is ramping up. I currently have 2 sessions which I do do 2 on 1 off and so on and rotate like this.
Session 1
Overhead bb press
Underhand bb row
Back squat

Session 2
Bench press
Bb row
Front squat

Like I said I am progressing nicely but the sessions are getting. Longer as the weight is ramping up so my question is does anyone have any advice on how I could better set out my training week to allow me the extra time in between sets so that my sessions aren’t getting too long. Thanks.

If you’re working out 4x a week anyways, split it up in upper lower upper lower

You’ll do 2 on 1 off still. This would allow for increased time to rest during a session

Idk how many sets reps and intensity you’re using specifically but you could distribute it appropriately over upper and lower days.

This will also save you time on ex set up. Since you wouldn’t be doing full body.

Your call, hard to charge things up to much if it’s working for you.

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Well currently I’m doing as many warm up sets until I feel like I’m moving good and then I’m working. In the 6-10 rep range for 3 sets. Once I can complete all 3 sets of 10 good reps I then add weight and start again. How would you advise to do my upper / lower days with the exercises

If you want to do the same volume for each movement, and since you’re doing 3 sets per lift per ex and doing each work out twice a week, you simply double the sets per workout. So 6 working sets per workout. This would change the load amount. But if you were going to do this and do 6 sets per lift per workout I’d do this.

Lower body 1-back squats 6 sets

Rdls 6 sets

Upper 1- bench

Barbell does

Lower2- dead lift
Front squat

Upper 2- press

Underhand bob rows

You could add in isolation work triceps, biceps side laterals And pull ups on upper day

Add calves abs and ham, glut isolation work if needed.

You’re squatting dead lifting 2x week and pressing 2x week.

As long as I understand what you’ve said properly this is what I’d set up.

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Yeah that makes sense to me Nd by doing. It this way I would be able to dedicate my whole sessions to 2 compound lifts and really concentrate on progressing them. Thanks

My pleasure. Good luck and I hope you keep making progress.

Main thing that sticks out is that ohp is the first lift, squat is the last, and this is in the PL section.

It’s in the powerlifting section as I believe this is where people would have the most knowledge on strength training. Doesn’t necessarily have to be squat bench deadlift only. Thanks anyway

But that’s pretty much what powerlifting is. The thread was moved to a more appropriate forum - Bigger, Stronger, Leaner - and was merged with your other very recent thread about a very similar topic.

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Regardless of what exactly you are training for, you won’t make much progress on your squat if it’s always the last exercise in your workout.


Yeah I’m going to take that on board and move some exercises around so they all get the attention they deserve and so that I won’t be fatigued when I ckme to my squats.

I would do squats first on one day at least. Deadlifting after squatting will go much better than the other way around.