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Simple ABBH Program Question

This is my first time using a program so I have a couple of questions.

ABBH Program
"Sets per Muscle Group: Chest 10, Back 10

Movement Plane: Horizontal

Examples: Flat Barbell Bench, Barbell Rows, Seated Cable Row (both back movements using a pronated grip with the width the exact same as bench press)

Reps: 3

Load: 80% of 1RM

Rest: 60 seconds between supersets (i.e. train chest, rest 60 secs, train back, rest 60 secs, train chest, rest 60 seconds, etc)"

  1. Does this mean I do 10x3 on flat bench and 10x3 on seated cable row (or could I do 5x3 seated cable row & 5x3 pullups, 5x3 flat & 5x3incline bench)?.

  2. I do 1x3 then rest? for how long?

  3. After 10x3 I rest for only a minute?

Am I reading this program correctly?



  1. I believe CW chimed in on this one before and said stick to one movement per plane. So, do 3 rep bench, rest 60, 3 rep row, rest 60. Repeat that 9 more times.

2.60s, before doing the other exercise

3.After all ten cycles are done, you rest for as long as you want, you’re done. You’re only doing 20 sets, 10 chest, ten back, in alternating fashion. Once you’re done with the 20 set, go home.

Wow, ok, seems really simple. It’s gonna be a little difficult in the gym to move from one to the other.

  1. What are some alternatives for dips on the vertical day?
  2. What if you can only do 3 chin ups? How do you modify the program or do you?

Stats: 5’7" 130lbs- 14% body fat (you would never guess looking at me, i’m really skinny.)
Goal: Lose gut, gain 10lbs muscle, and decrease body fat to 9%.

I’m cleaning up my diet and using this program. Is this sound like a good plan of action?


alternative to dips would be military press. If you cannot perform 10 chinups, then simply use the lat-pulldown machine.

I asked this question in the original ABBH thread but did not get an answer. Can upright rows be used instead of dips or military presses or does it need to be a pushing movement?

The upright row is a vertical pulling exercise.