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Simple 5/3/1 Routine for Hypetrophy

I am trying to do most simple and most effective program with the stuff I have available (free weights and power cage). I am fan of simple stuff so help me out if you have something to add or suggest.

Goals: hypetrophy and strength, I am 90kg / 200 pounds, 4 years of training behind me.

4-day plan:

DAY #1:
military press 5/3/1
kettlebel press 4x20
side/rear laterals 4x10
barbell curls 4x10

DAY #2:
deadlift 5/3/1
croc row 4x12
good morning 4x10
pullups 5x10
toes-to-bar 4x10

DAY #3:
bench press 5/3/1
dips 4x10
skull chrushers 4x10
dumbell flyes 4x10
pushups 4xMAX

DAY #4:
squat 5/3/1
front squat 3x10
some heavy ab work
neck work + shrugs

What do you think?

If you have his ebook, theres a couple recommendations for hypertrophy in it. Boring but big is one, Tate’s time under tension and there is a rest-pause option as well.

Looks fine. Try it and see how it goes.

Some other options are:

-Boring But Big

-Periodization Bible

-Simplest Strength Template (This is currently what I’m doing, it’s actually quite similar to BBB but with slightly different exercises and weekly weight increases instead of straight sets)

-5/3/1 for Body Building (on his website, google it)

The cool thing with 5/3/1 is that you can just cycle through these, stick with one, choose two and rotate, etc… Give one a try for 3-4 cycles or do it until you need to retest your max and then switch it up.

Thanks for your replies fellas.
I did BBB for half year, this would be my new approach but I’ll take a look into simplest strength and tate’s under tension options as well. Thanks!

Is there a difference between the 1st, 2nd and ebook editions of 5/3/1 ?