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Simple 3x A Week Program Needed


Ok Here is the situation.I am on a pretty good path to where I want to be but I got absolutly no clue when it comes to Weight lifting.

I'm in Muay Thai.
26 Year old. 217lbs(Down from 282lbs)

I train 5 days a week for roughly 2 hours a day.

I do 20 minutes of High intensity cardio. Muay Thai specific.
40 Minutes of skill training. Then 20-30 minutes hour of AB/Upper Body/Squats.

Pushups (Narrow)
10X10 Every set gets a ten second break. As fast as I can.
Started Chinups. (ladder training)
10X3 Situps
10X3 Crunches
(I alternate these two Do set of 3 then other set of 3)
Side Crunch 2X10 (each side)
Twists 5X10
Forced leg raises 4X10
Scissors 5X10
Knees/Toes in the air. 4X10
5X10 Squats to finish.
I usually stick 5-10 Second break between sets. This method has drastically improved my Speed.

Then rest will be more Cardio/Dynamic then Static stretching. So far this has worked out absolutly great. Cardio is through the roof, my speed is geting better and endurance is geting pretty high as well.

Now What I need is Body type excercises and some free weight excercises that are high intensity circuit type. I really need extra build on my Lats and Biceps (Triceps are strong but biceps are not) Some mid section stuff would be great too.

I need a program to fit at least 3 times a week. Simple program would be great.

Now here is the deal I know some weight lifting excercises but I don't know how to combine them to make an effective tool in gaining power/speed. Can some gurus help me out here?


...click the very first article on the homepage.


Lol. True. It sounds like you need some reading up. Even if we did give you a program, it would be 4 weeks until you came back to ask for another program.




Screw it. Why figure it out when you can just pay some one to figure it out for you. I contacted one of the local MMA guys he will show me stuff specifically aimed at HICT.


but... but.. the hammer down endurance article on the front page is specifically aimed towards mma...

and.. god.


Umm... yeah good luck with that...