Simo - The Red Shoe Diaries

Thats what we come here for. Good to see you back at it. How’s the lungs holding up?

A lot better today mate. Still a little wheezy and still using the inhaler.

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I come for the nsfw pics of Simo’s quads

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Lmao they are only not safe because looking at them may cause nausea :nauseated_face:

You misspelled gorgeous calves.

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Now you are just trying to make me blush.

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You’re back! Phoenix rising and similar legends of heroism, etc!


That’s it mate. New training block, new fire, new intensity. Time to get to work.


Wednesday 24th November

Bar x 10
70 x 5
110 x 5
140 x 6 x 4 sets (308 lbs) RPE 5, 5, 5, 5
Legs were a little sore from squats and right knee was cranky on the inside. Haven’t done deadlift for a little while but these moved fast and felt good.

OH press
Bar x 10
40 x 5
60 x 4 x 3 sets (132 lbs) RPE 7, 7, 7,
60 x 8
Ok but still don’t love them. Pushed the last set as happy with 8.

Inc supported Db row
25 x 8 x 3 sets

Dips BW
3 x max - 25, 18, 12
Chest was burning on these. Damn those 3 pump burpees!!!

Great session. Massive upper body pump.


I don’t know if it is me getting over the chest infection, the week off and me getting back to training or the burpee effect. But I have been hot all week, like furnace burning inside hot. Not just after training but all day. I think I am going to have I start eating more food if I want to maintain weight.


That’s terrible news, sorry to hear that.


Recovery burpees tonight - 150 plus a couple extra for luck. Worked up a good sweat and lower back a little pumped after deadlift yesterday. Good little session


Burpees from tonight


Training looks like it’s going well

Thanks big Rob, I had a week off last week due to illness but am feeling great now and reckon this training block is going to be very productive.

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You put the word ‘recovery’ in front of the word burpees. You truly have fallen to the dark side.


Friday 26th November

SSB squat
Bar x 10
70 x 5
90 x 8 x 3 sets (198 lbs)
Felt easy nice little pump

Bar x 10
70 x 5
90 x 5 x 3 sets (198 lbs)
All long pauses, felt smooth and easy.

Pull ups
BW +10kg
3 x 5 sets
Moved ok

60 x 10 emom
Double run on the last one, so did 11

Great Friday night session.


Some leg shots just for @Cyrrex


I’m positively moist over here.

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Now you gone and got me all aroused with your choice of words😂

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