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Mate I am no where near @ChongLordUno but I am slowly adding more burpees. Still starting to balance them with the heavy stuff too.

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Thanks Mate. I have special lighting and editing just to make sure I look better than @ChongLordUno :joy::joy::joy:


Woke up with a little cough this morning which has developed into a sore throat and lost voice. Will have to go get a test tomorrow and book in to the doctor later in the week. It feels like a throat infection which I get often. Will probably miss a little training but not too worried.

Hope the test result is okay

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That’s burpee weakness leaving your body


Feels more like fker invaded it. Body feels good but throat feels like I have been gargling with broken glass.

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So I didn’t train on Monday night so had to do something today. Still feel like crap so just did a 50
Burpee quickie. Good to move but throat was burning the whole time. Still got something done. Happy


So doing some work yesterday may not have been a great idea. Feel way worse today. Hopefully this will be the last bad day and I’ll start feeling better tomorrow. Over it already.

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I like this part—you should definitely do that!

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Sickness is all in the mind. I am going to think myself better :joy:


What the hell has happened?? Everyone is doing burpees all over the place.


It was just time to add some conditioning and these were the easiest way to do it.


That’s not true at all, but good on you!

Maybe I should have said most accessible as in don’t need any equipment.

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Now that checks out

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Feeling even worse today. Chest tight, throat sore and voice gone completely. Not going to train again until this goes away. Will take this as a forced deload. Can’t even get to see the doctor till Saturday morning, that is just ridiculous. Going to keep self medicating this week and hopefully will kick this infection by the weekend.


Get well soon Simo!!!


@ChickenLittle and others who frequent my log will remember that I was fostering a dog called
Joey for the Australian Border Force. We got Joey at 9 weeks old and had him for a bit over 1 year. 6 weeks ago Joey went off to the Australian Army to try out as a detector dog. After 6 weeks basic training I got confirmation today that Joey has been accepted and will now have a working life in the Australian army as a detector dog. It was sad to see him go but I am so proud that he has been selected and happy that he will get to work and do the job he was bread for.


Congratulations Joey! Thanks for letting us know.

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Saw the doctor today and says throat and chest is viral so not much he can do. Checked and I have had the same problem 3 times now in November (spring) so he thinks it is hay fever related. Gave me a script for an inhaler to help with the tight chest and breathing. Other than that just salt gargle and let the body do its job. Blood pressure was 110 over 70 which he said was great so that’s a positive.