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That style is definitely working for you dude! Solid effort.

Thanks Pwn, I need a lot more practice with the transition between the initial pick and then the sit down and lap (I think that’s what you call it). Once I have my hands around it, standing up and carrying it was much better.

Forgot to post yesterday. I had the pleasure of catching up with @ChongLordUno on the Move Sweat Suffer podcast in the morning which was a blast.
Got is some more conditioning in the afternoon.
Did a burpee session combined with some inverted rows on the rings.
Total 100 burpees, 220 push ups and 100 rows. It was damn hot but it was a good session.


The pleasure was all mines mate

Monday 14th Feb - week 4

Bar x 10
70 x 5
90 x 3
110 x 2
130 x 2
145 x 4 x 5 sets (319 lbs) RPE 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
These were tough reps today, a few high reps in there but still got it done.

Leg ext
135 x 20 x 3 sets
Painful burn and pump

Db bench
42.5 x 7 x 4 sets
Happy with these but still chasing @guineapig :joy:

Pull ups
3 sets
6, 6 , 6

This was a hard hard session, squats were tough and Dumbell press is getting heavy now. Still happy with how it went. Would have liked squats to have been a little deeper but there were no judges is the gym so it’s all good.


@wiseman83 Just tagging you into my log so its easier to find.

For the other people that are regulars here, Wisey is a fellow Australian (don’t hold that against him LOL). He is the guy who has been writing my programs and helping me on the journey for a number of years now. Great guy with a keen interest in training and lots of knowledge. Get on over to his log and say hi.


Not far off big dog

Mate I saw you rep those 50’s like they were tins of beans.


Ok so can anyone guess what conditioning was today. Yes you guessed it, I did some burpees.

I did a ladder today with 1 pump burpees which was from 1 to 25. I decided to add some jump squats to the mix. Any set that was a prime number I did that number or jump squats. Worked out to be 225 burpees and 100 jump squats. This one was surprisingly tough.


icecream earnt sir. listened to your podcast yest too, quality stuff.

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Thanks mate glad you liked it. I went to have ice cream last night and the kids had bloody ate it all !!


That seems like torture

Ha ha yes Big Rob it isn’t exactly pleasant.

Wednesday 16th - week 3

Bar x 10
70 x 5
110 x 3
140 x 2
160 x 1
180 x 5 ( 396 lbs) RPE 8. This was a rep PR
180 x 4 RPE 9
180 x 4 RPE 9.5

Dropped off the last set as back was locking up. I helped a mate move a piano just before going to the gym so back was fully pumped before I got there. Note to self : never offer to help move a piano ever again…. They is heavy!

Oh press
Bar x 10
40 x 5
60 x 5 x 5 sets (132 lbs)
Some rep work today, shoulders still sore from all the push ups so it going too heavy on overhead at the moment.

Bench supported db row
30 x 8 x 4 sets
Lower back pump on these was intense !!

BW +20kg
Max x 3
Reps - 15, 11, 9
Massive chest and shoulder pump.

Still happy with the session tonight. A little annoyed I dropped a set on deadlift but very happy to hit 180 x 5 for a rep PR. 2 years ago this was my 1RM.


Deadlift PR set from tonight


Brilliant stuff man. That’s a big PB…rpe 8 too. Estimated max 220+ on a good day sir.
500lbs is in your future!


Thanks mate. It actually looked easier in the vid than it felt, but that always seems to be the case.


Awesome, mate! Nice work.

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Nice one, mate.

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Question here to @Mod_Phoenix or @Chris_Colucci (sorry to put it here but wasn’t sure where to ask)

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