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Simo’s Training Log – Trying Not to Be a ‘Fat Dad’


Your form got better as you got tired. You let the bar get away from your shins on the early reps. The only reason I point this out is that I was doing the same thing on my first rep tonight.

Nice work on the + sets!


I was thinking that too. I think as it gets heavier I tend to sit back a bit more which pulls that bar back into my shins more. When it feels lighter I don’t do that.


I felt it with 405 and I know if I try that at 500+ then things aren’t going to go my way. My cue to jump was throwing me off tonight.


Woke at 86.4kg that’s a bit more like it. Glutes still pretty sore again today, pretty sure with a bit of movement today they will be right for squats tomorrow night.


Yeah moving stretching helps some too feels like crap while going on


Woke at 86.0kg body feels pretty good. Looking forward to some amrap and high rep squats tonight!!


Monday 17th September 531 BBB - 3’s week
Squat and Bench
Warm up
Bar x 10
65 x 5
Work sets
82.5 x 3
92.5 x 3
105 x 3+ (prev PR 8) wanted a min of 12 and got 12 very happy
BBB sets
82.5 x 10 x 5 sets (superset with sit ups)
Urrggghhhh squats were brutal, head was pumping by the end with big pressure headache behind the eyes. Grabbed an extra minute break before bench.

Warm up
Bar x 10
65 x 5
Work sets
72.5 x 3
82.5 x 3
92.5 x 3+ (prev PR 6) wanted a min of 9 and got 9 reps.
Got a big hammie cramp on the eighth rep but held on for one last grinder to make 9
BBB sets
72.5 x 10 x 5sets (9 rep on 4th and 5th sets)
SS with rowPull ups
5 sets - 6, 6, 6, 5, 5
It was supposed to rows but hammie was still cramping so gave it a rest

Some Curls with empty bar in the squat rack, just cause I can !!

Good session tonight but it’s amazing how long a workout with only 2 exercises can take !! Couldn’t move any faster because my conditioning is not what it used to be. Really need to add some back in when I get back from holiday. Great leg and big chest pump tonight.


Amrap set from squats tonight. It was 12 reps but clip had to be trimmed to 60 secs


Well done Simo, great work :slight_smile:
You said it took a lot of time, how long time would that be?


Probably all up around 90 mins. Which sounds long to me when you consider it really only 2 exercises and a little bit of accessories that I superset anyway. Its not like I am sitting around but it still felt long. total time 90 min / total sets 20 (inc warm ups not inc curls) that’s 4.5 mins a set. So about a min for the squats, 45 secs for the sit ups and that leaves just under 3 mins rest.


Woke at 85.5kg today, this was expected after training last night. Was severely dehydrated this morning, so will try to get a lot of water into me today. Actually starting to feel a little run down, temperature feels a little high. I am hoping this is just the effects of last nights training and not a cold. I have 3 more training sessions to do (Fri this week and Mon Fri next week) and then I am off to Bali for 2 weeks to rest and recover. I just need to stay well for 11 more days.


Hope all is well mate, getting sick really sucks, especially for a holiday.


I am one of those sad people who never have a sick day. I work in a fairly high pressure environment and this is coupled with a busy home life with 3 young kids (8,7,5) and training. I basically will myself to be well and don’t get sick. What usually happens is as soon as I know I am going on holiday and the pace slows a little or I let my body relax them BAM !! I can feel the sniffles coming but I’m sure I can get through 11 days without it taking hold. First day of the holiday though and it will all come crumbling down !!!


You’re going to Bali yeah?
I’ve been mannnnnyyyyy times and gotten I’ll over various illnesses and whatnot… flu included
Instagram or Facebook search “Hangover lounge bali”
They hook you up to an IV drip, and will medicate to whatever illness you have
I recommend them 100%, they always fix me up


Hmm sounds interesting


Woke at 85.5kg very very dry this morning. Woke up with a mouth like Gandhi’s flip flop. Deff have the start of a cold, plenty of water, food and Panadol for me today.


Here’s an odd thing that I do when I’m sick

Put some socks on when I go to sleep, cut a brown onion in half and put it in my sock with the cut side facing the sole of my foot
I was taught it as a youngster and I’m sure you could find the science reasoning why it doesn’t work, but I do it every time I’m ill, and along with hot lemon water, cold and flu tablets, I’m always 99% better the next day



lol yer but what do your fken feet smell like !!


Not bad after a shower :joy:
Obviously use old socks that you don’t need and bin-dispose


So nose is running like a tap now. Trying to eat and drink as much as possible today. Added in an extra peanut butter and strawberry jam sarni when I got home from work. Just had dinner and will have something else before bed. Fken hate colds