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Simo’s Training Log – Trying Not to Be a ‘Fat Dad’


This kind of work made the most difference in my squat and bench work. Thinking of the negative being pulled to the chest or really “forcing” myself into the hole rather than just dropping in or relaxing down.

Your strength may take a temporary dip (mine did) but it will recover quickly


Some of my best workouts have been when I went into the gym feeling like complete garbage.

Nice work getting the work in!


Good to see your still getting work in on holidays mate, that’s some dedication right there. Enjoy the coasters. I took my son on his first real roller coaster a couple of years back when he just turned 10, it was the Superman at Movie World, he had a look of terror the whole time, then just kept laughing when he got off, haha.


Lol I can see that look of terror. That’s what my little boy does. My 8 year old daughter just laughs maniacally the whole time, she’s a bit different!! To be honest getting an hour to myself in the gym twice a week is part of a productive holiday for me. The kids are very full on so getting an hour of peace is relaxing for me, even if it is lifting weights.


Squats must have done the trick last night. Started getting cramps in my quads whilst watching TV. The VMO (tear drop muscle) on each leg kept locking up or going into spasm. The wife was laughing at me hoping around the room. Still sore this morning but a good walk today should free them up a bit.


Cold getting worse, slept pretty good last night but head stuffed and a bit chesty today. Got a feeling I am going to be grumpy for a few days :frowning:


So my cold felt crap last night but other than a croaky throat I don’t feel too shite this morning. Flying back home today and then a few days of relaxing before back to work on Monday. Will train on Friday night and have an osteo appointment booked for Saturday morning.


Friday 13th July - micro 2 week 2

Deadlift and OH press

Bench - band pull aparts between sets
Bar x 10
65 x 8
85 x 3
90 x 5 x 4 sets
RPE 7, 8, 8, 9 (proper long pause on last rep)
Wanted to do more when these were done which I am taking as a good sign.

65 x 5
105 x 5
125 x 5 x 4 sets
RPE 7, 7, 7, 6
First set felt a little slow, second set moved quicker, third was ok, last set was the fastest, moved really good.

OH press
Bar x 10
45 x 8
55 x 8 x 3 sets
RPE 8, 9, 10 (small knee dip on last 2 reps)
These felt ok.

Pull ups
8 x 4 sets
SS with hanging knee raise x 15 x 4
SS with hammer curl 12kg x 10 x 4

Still have a cold but didn’t slow me down at all today. Really good session. Weighed myself after training and was 85.3kg so the holiday hasn’t effected my weight either way. Maybe just a trick of the light but actually think I looked a little leaner especially in the legs. Maybe all that walking round theme parks was a good thing.


So went to the osteo and got my back and neck worked on this morning. Felt good but now everything is starting to tighten up big time. Figuring it is a mix of muscle soreness from training and the adjustment this morning. Will try to move as much as poss this weekend and hopefully will be freed up by Monday.


Monday 16th July Micro 3 week 1
Squat and bench

Bar x 10
Bar x 5
65 x 5
85 x 3
100 x 3
107.5 x 5 x 5
RPE 8, 9 (wasn’t pretty), 8 (better), 9, 10 (4th rep was a grinder, last rep was a tad high)

Kept the rest fairly long (4 mins) which helped recover and hit the reps. Was puffing real hard on the last 2 sets.

Bar x 10
65 x 8
85 x 8 x 4 sets
RPE 8, 8, 9, 10 (7 reps then paused and got number 8)

75 x 12 x 4 sets
12, 12, 12, 12
SS with CGP
72.5 x 10 x 4 sets
10, 8, 7, 6 (pause and did 1 more)
BIG Pump, could barely get out the door !! :wink:

Good session tonight, squats were definitely better than the last time I took 107.5 for a ride. Still a long way to go but right now I will take any improvement no matter how small.


Quads are trashed, keep getting massive cramps!! Going to be a long night :frowning:


Back in high school I was lifting 6 days a week and trying to push through fall football practice. One night after practice I had both hamstrings cramp. I straightened my legs and both quads locked up. I couldn’t move.

My weight lifting coach suggested I take a shot of pickle juice chased by a glass of water. I never cramped again. It’s worth a shot.

Keep in mind this was done as a preventive measure. I’m not sure there are any instant solutions when you’re mid-cramp.


Lol that gave me a good mental image. Last night one leg went so I jumped of the couch, as my other leg hit the floor the other one cramped. I hobbled over to the mantle and held on yelled. The wife gave me that look “what are you doing you idiot!!” It took about a full minute for them to release.
The rest of the evening they kept locking up or spasming (not sure that’s a word). Luckily they didn’t do it over just night so I got a good sleep.
Pickle juice you say, do you mean the vinegar you get it a jar of pickles? Does it work if you just eat lots of pickled vegetables?


Yeah, it’s just the fluid mixture leftover from pickles. I’m sure pickled anything would work. I never really asked why that would help. I like the taste of the pickle juice so I didn’t mind having a sip.


I eat a few pickled onions and picked jalapeños maybe I will start sipping the juice too. Any idea if pear cider vinegar also works? I used to drink a big spoon of that every day but It was spossed to be for fat loss. Fair to say it didn’t make me have abs !! Lol


I believe this to be a good idea :drooling_face:


Does pear cider count or does it have to be the vinegar? Haha.


I like your thinking my man. I may have to do some experimenting and let you know the results. :slight_smile:


My dad does landscaping work and he gets cramps in his forearms from using a shovel. He thinks drinking beer helps.

A few beers a day = no cramps

No beer for a few days = cramps


Notice how this started as me having cramps and quickly went from pickle juice to what is the best alcohol to drink. I like the way the wiser (older) members of this forum think. Maybe I should just mix the beer and cider and have a snake bite.